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April 2008

The Sales Shed Goes Down on Marc Chagall

The shed on Marc Chagall Avenue, which was supposed to serve as as a model home for a large highrise condominium project, has been torn down. I am sure this will make neighbouring residents very happy.

They have been lobbying for this, noting that the small building was infested with different kinds of animals including groundhogs, skunks and squirrels. A previous council zoned this land for 17 storey condos many decades ago. Residents of Marc Chagall and neighbouring Mackle were not happy about this, but there was nothing council could do in regard to rezoning. Years passed from the time a sales office was established at the Cavendish Mall. The project seems to be dead. We followed the letter of the law in waiting for the allowable time to demolish the shed. There are no guarantees this land won't be developed in the future. But nothing appears imminent.

Senior Men's Club Reacts Enthusiastically

On April 3 I provided an update on the progress my Toponomy and Sponsorship Committee to members of the Côte Saint-Luc Senior Men’s Club. I was joined at the event by Brad Horner, who is working on sponsorship dossiers for the city’s Public Affairs and Communications Department. Horner listed a number of high profile city events that are collaborating with corporate sponsors. I explained that the city has decided not to hire a specific fundraiser. Instead, departments are developing their own strategies. For now, the city is concentrating on the sale of trees for $500 and park benches for $2,000, dedicated to the memory of loved ones. After my speech, I was approached by several members interested in sponsoring park benches. I told everyone that a resident, who is asking for anonymity, has provided us with $2,000 to buy new baby swings in Rembrandt Park. They will be dedicated in the memory of children who perished during the Holocaust. To find out more about naming rights and sponsorship opportunities call Darryl Levine at 514-485-6800, ext. 1802.