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Councillor Portfolios A Good Idea

When Mayor Anthony Housefather took office he introduced the city’s first ever portfolio system. Essentially, the eight member council serves as the equivalent of a cabinet of ministers: myself, corporate identity, communications and inter-community relations; Sam Goldbloom, traffic and seniors; Dida Berku, finance, the environment and the Cavendish extension; Steven Erdelyi, library, culture and special events; Allan J. Levine, urban planning; Glenn J. Nashen, public safety; Mitchell Brownstein, public works and engineering; and Ruth Kovac, recreation. The mayor oversees human resources and all matters related to the agglomeration council. I believe that it is because of this formula that the local electorate has the most proactive council in the city’s history. Each of us chair a number of committees. So, in addition to dealing with the many issues that come our way from district constituents, we work on important projects that will benefit the community at large. I have personally been occupied with the staffing of our communications department, the relaunch of the Côte Saint-Luc Courier newspaper and our website, the introduction of a monthly newsletter (Côte Saint-Luc Capsule), regular press releases, toponomy (the naming of streets, parks, facilities etc) and relations with community groups. On the toponomy/sponsorship front I have some significant objectives for 2007. The portfolio system works well because there is a point person for every issue. It is also very motivating. That is because I think each of us wishes to “make things happen.” We are “proactive,” not “reactive” and I believe that has been demonstrated to the population, particularly those who attend our public council meetings.


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