Solid fuel burning, renovictions and noise from mechanical equipment dealt with in new by-law

Côte Saint-Luc City Council held a public consultation on September 11 to discuss a proposed amendment to add new provisions to the Construction By-Law no. 2953 regarding  solid fuel burning,
renovictions, and noise from mechanical equipment.

Fuel burning

The purposes of this amendment are:

• To diminish our city’s impact on the air quality by reducing the number of people who burn solid
fuels to heat their homes, and to transition towards more modern and efficient heating equipment by
regulating their installation and replacement.
• To ensure tenants are protected from renovictions, namely by requiring that landlords provide a
written proof that tenants affected by construction or repair work have agreed to temporarily
relocate or vacate their dwelling.
• To reduce nuisances related to noise generated by mechanical equipment installed outside of a
building, such as power generators, pool equipment, heating, ventilation, and cooling units, etc.
• To clarify the wording of the original by-law and correct any inconsistencies that were
identified since its adoption.

Regarding solid fuel burning:

• The by-law sets a limit of 2.5g/hr for all new and replaced residential solid fuel-burning
• Under the new by-law, it will also be prohibited to use a non-certified system after 2025, except
for an EPA or CSA certified pellet device that is installed before this by-law comes into effect.
• The burning of any fuel other than those for which a device is certified will also be forbidden,
as well as the burning of noxious fuels such as treated or painted wood, plastics, Styrofoam, etc.
• The use of any solid-fuel-burning devices during a smog warning issued by Environment Canada
affecting any part of the Montreal Region will be forbidden, except in the event of a power outage
lasting over three hours.


Regarding renovictions:

• Under this by-law, landlords who are carrying out work that requires evacuation of a dwelling
must provide written documentation demonstrating that affected tenants have agreed to either
temporarily relocate or voluntarily vacate their dwellings during the renovation work.
• Tenants who have agreed to temporarily relocate must have been presented with a clear expected
timeline for their return. The contact information of each affected tenant must also be provided.

I have a number of apartment buildings in my district.


Regarding noise from mechanical equipment installed outside of a building:

• Generators must not produce noise levels that exceed the following: 65 dBA outside, measured within a 25 ft. radius of the noise source; 45 dBA inside a residential building or a healthcare facility; 48 dBA inside an office building

 Other mechanical equipment installed outside or on the roof of a building, including heat pumps,
pool pumps, air conditioning or ventilation units, must not produce noise levels that exceed the
following:  60 dBA outside, measured within a 25 ft. radius of the noise source; 45 dBA inside a residential building or a healthcare facility; or 48 dBA inside an office building.

It should be noted that these noise limits are for the daytime (7 am to 11 pm) and that the by-law
also includes noise limits for the nighttime.

I am certainly glad to see us doing something about noisy generators. Two in particular in my district have caused serious problems for people living next door to buildings where the noise pollution is emanating from.

For the present by-law to come into effect, its adoption and approval process must follow the
different steps prescribed by provincial laws, which means it will be a few more months since this is regulated.

Meand Isadore
Chatting with Isadore at the last Remembrance Day ceremony he attended.

Isadore Goldberg was a city councillor for District 1 in Côte Saint-Luc from 1982 to 2001. He was unbeatable in any election for one reason: he gave constituents what they wanted, that being full customer service. This was before the internet era.  What you got from Isadore was a return phone call or a personal visit.

In February of 2020 Isadore passed away.  In a strange geographic makeup, District 1 in Isadore’s day included the area of MacDonald Avenue, North of Hampstead, some buildings along Côte Saint-Luc Road and yes – Marc Chagall and Sir Walter Scott. The latter two became part of my District 2 in time for the 2005 election. It is for this reason that a park, located behind the apartments on Sir Walter Scott, was named after Isadore. At that time a sign was placed on Kildare Road, meaning for those who wanted to actually go  to the park they had to navigate their way through a parking lot and a narrow strip of land.

Friends and family join us at the rededication ceremony.


When I was elected I promised Isadore that I would do something about this.   We spent considerable time looking into the feasibility of moving the park to a large green space on Marc Chagall Avenue. When that land was needed for parking lot to accommodate workers for a large construction  project, discussions were placed on hold for three years.

Public Works Director Beatrice Newman, Foreman for  Parks, Horticulture and Green Spaces Joanne Warren and their team were absolutely marvelous to deal with.  In late 2019 I called Isadore with good news. His park would be refurbished and the sign moved to a more appropriate spot. Sadly, he passed away soon after and then the pandemic hit. Again. Projects were delayed.

Our group visits the park.


Last year, Public Works completed work on Isadore Goldberg Park. For starters, the sign was moved to Marc Chagall next to a new, nicely paved pathway. Finally, there was a easy way to get there.  Bollard lights and trees were installed in that space as well.

At the park itself, Public Works removed all invasive species of weeds and trees. New sand and some new play equipment was added as well as urban furniture. A drinking fountain will be added in the next few months. Because we have named the large greenspace on Marc Chagall as Sheila Finestone Park,  an  arrow will be added to the Goldberg sign pointing people in the right direction.

A few weeks ago we held a ceremony to dedicate Finestone Park. I decided it would not do justice for Isadore to merely mention his park as a sidenote. So, on September 3, members of the Goldberg family and some friends joined myself and Councillors Steven Erdelyi and Sidney Beniziri for a lovely rededication ceremony.   We were also lucky to have local teenage recording artist Rachel Dara on hand to sing a beautiful tribute song to Isadore.  Rachel is 16, the same age Isadore was when he went to fight for Canada in World War  II.

I shared some kind words about Isadore, as did his sister-in-law.  Mayor Mitchell Brownstein was not able to attend, but he wanted me to express how much he appreciated the 11 years he served on council with Isadore. Everyone loved Rachel’s song, Comme Toi by Jean-Jacques Goldman, about Sarah, a Jewish child victim of the Holocaust. Rachel felt it was appropriate given that Isadore was veteran of  WWII.

Please watch the video

Most appropriately, we all  took a walk over to  the park, which is used regularly by families living in the area and those in the condos who bring their grandchildren there.

It took some time, but Isadore Goldberg Park and its signage have been properly delivered. I am very proud to have helped see this through.

Vehicles torched in building parking lot

At approximately 1:30am Saturday, the Montreal Fire Department responded to a call at 5885 Cavendish. These are the Montefiore apartments.
The damaged vehicles.
Once on scene, officials found two  vehicles on fire. One was a truck belonging to a locksmith. I am not sure if the car next to it was merely collateral  damage. The Montreal Police Department state that the probable cause was a targeted arson.  I went to the scene and spoke to the officers on the scene. They were waiting for investigators to arrive
A preventive evacuation of the building took place. Fortunately the fire was quickly extinguished and there was minor damage to the facility, mainly broken windows from the heat.  We have no reports of anybody needing medical care.
Firefighters on the scene.
These type of incidents have become a frequent occurrence on the island of Montreal. Until now, it appeared as if Côte Saint-Luc was being spared.
Our Public Safety Department was on the scene and Council is being updated.

Samedi, vers 1h30, le Service d'incendie de Montréal a répondu à un appel au 5885 Cavendish. Il s'agit des appartements Montefiore.

Une fois sur les lieux, les agents ont trouvé deux véhicules en feu. L'un d'eux était un camion appartenant à un serrurier. Je ne sais pas si la voiture qui se trouvait à côté n'était qu'un dommage collatéral. Le service de police de Montréal a déclaré que la cause probable était un incendie criminel ciblé. Je me suis rendu sur les lieux et j'ai parlé aux officiers sur place. Ils attendaient l'arrivée des enquêteurs

Une évacuation préventive du bâtiment a eu lieu. Heureusement, l'incendie a été rapidement éteint et l'établissement a subi des dégâts mineurs, principalement des vitres brisées à cause de la chaleur. Personne n'a eu besoin de soins médicaux.

Ce type d'incident est devenu fréquent sur l'île de Montréal. Jusqu'à présent, il semblait que Côte Saint-Luc était épargné.

Notre service de sécurité publique était sur les lieux et le Conseil est tenu au courant.


The move of 2023 Canada Day celebrations to August was a success

On stage to sing O Canada.

When rain washed out the July 1 Côte Saint-Luc Canada Day celebrations and our backup date two days later, our marvelous Recreation Department staff thought outside the box. How about celebrating this towards the end of the summer, just before Labour Day Weekend?

The inflatables are always a hit.

On August 31 the show did indeed go on and wow, Mother Nature actually cooperated. This was a 4 pm to 9 pm format on the large back baseball diamond at Trudeau Park. 

It was wonderful to see so many young families arrive in the early going to enjoy the likes of inflatables, a petting zoo, firetruck exhibition,  carnival games, a magic game. face painting/arts and crafts,  reptiles, pizza and cotton candy stands and live music from The Fundamentals,  saxophonist Michael Abramovich, Shawny and DJ Pulse.

With Mayor Brownstein.

The evening culminated with speeches from Mayor Mitchell Brownstein, Mount Royal Liberal MP Anthony Housefather and D'Arcy McGee Liberal MNA Elisabeth Prass, the singing of O Canada by the aforementioned individuals and city council and a remarkable drone show. Fireworks are a thing of the past for us now, but this feature really surprised me with its entertainment value. The drones formed the shapes of the Canadian flag, the Côte Saint-Luc logo, a hockey stick and puck and more. Watch one here.

Dan Laxer and Laurie Betito were back as our emcees.

Here is Michael Abramovich



The venue was indeed a real hit and I hope this will become Canada Day’s permanent home.

Here is the official video done by our own Darryl Levine



A Star is Born:  Côte Saint-Luc saxophonist Michael Abramovich is a hidden gem 

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Michael Abramovich, a Côte Saint-Luc resident and saxophonist who asked if I could help promote  his sax music program in our community.  When we met in person soon after I told him about the dedication of a park named after former Liberal Member of Parliament for Mount Royal Sheila Finestone I had planned.

Michael Abramovich and his saxophone.

Since I had never seen him perform, except for YouTube videos, I offered him a chance to kind of audition for me and perform at the ceremony. He did just that, showing up with own sound system and truly impressing everyone in attendance with  his saxophone program performance.

My friend Ted Dranias of Petros Taverna restaurants saw a clip of him and already plans to engage his services. 

While Michael works full-time in information technology services, he has a flexible schedule and is excited about performing at any occasion.

Michael was born in Moldova, then part of the former Soviet Union. His first instrument was the mandolin, then guitar, bass guitar, clarinet and finally the saxophone. Playing pop music, the love for jazz started with first vinyl record of Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong at age 12.

During the five years Michael resided in Israel, he played in a wedding band and performed as a one-man band, creating a vast background/cocktail saxophone music program that proved successful. In 1995 he immigrated to Canada.

Music, and particularly jazz,  remains a  driving force for Michael. Over the past 28 years he has never missed a  Jazz Festival,  meeting jazz legends  like Chick Corea, Benny Golson, Lee Konitz, Jimmy Cobb and many others during “This is very inspiring to me,” he said, noting how photos with jazz masters grace the “wall of fame” of his studio.  

Watch this video of him performing

His first venue as a musician was the old Hippodrome de Montréal (Blue Bonnets), where he performed during events for several years. Here in Montreal he found work in IT to pay the bills.

As a jazz saxophonist, Michael provides enthralling background music with a full band sound for any special event. He brings a completely self-contained and portable sound system, adaptable to any location and setting. He is an impressive entertainer, and solo musician, who can deliver a memorable and enjoyable experience for all types of events. 

Here is another terrific video of him

Michael offers personalized wedding packages with the right pricing, matching the event demands and client preferences. He provides background scores for all wedding-related functions and boasts a repertoire of over six hours of memorized music.

Besides playing saxophone, Michael introduces to his performance EWI (an Electronic Wind instrument). This is a wind synthesizer that has 100 sounds on board and goes from emulating acoustic instruments like flute, clarinet, trumpet, guitar etc. to rich harmonics synth sounds.

Whether it is a bar or bat mitzah, wedding, trade show or corporate event, Michael will happily take your call.

Michael can be reached at: 514-487-6395 or  [email protected]

Walkabout at Rembrandt Park results in some helpful recommendations

I want to thank my constituents who answered my call and joined me for a walkabout at Rembrandt Park on August 20.

Since I have been the city councillor for District 2 these past 18 years, an enormous amount of improvements have been made here. Some critics, while meaning well, do not understand that this is one of many parks in the city; each councillor is pushing for parks in their district. I am proud to say we have gotten more than our fair share of financial allocations.

Some of the residents (and canines) who joined me.

The water spray area continues to be a huge success among young families. The tennis courts were upgraded, including new lighting. We completely rebuilt the basketball court and even added a new half court for younger children. Early on in my mandate, there was a field that was mysteriously located virtually underground.  We filled the pit and left it as green space. During the pandemic we added soccer nets, something that was really appreciated. The Rembrandt Chalet had its roof replaced and handicapped washrooms installed. A permanent ping pong table was added, as were many new benches and picnic tables. This past spring one of the walkways was repaved. Play equipment has also been upgraded. In the winter, we have a hill used for tobogganing and one of the tennis courts has been converted to a skating rink the past two years.

I walk through the park regularly and consult with users. Nonetheless, the consultation I just undertook was very revealing.

The recommendations will be forwarded to our Public Works, Engineering and Parks and Recreation departments. A number of people who could not attend sent me their comments via e-mail.

Yes, the pathways need significant improvement.

It is very disappointing to walk through this park and see the litter people toss about, ever so close to trash cans. Why are older kids using the mini-court and vandalizing the basketball net? Can we add more benches and trash cans? Can the walkways be salted and made wider in the winter? The drainage system is no efficient at the soccer field, which also has large patches with no grass and holes.  Some of the equipment in the play area is outdated. Do we really still need the pétanque courts? The steps/seats near the chalet have seen better days. These are just some of the comments.

I wish to remind residents that for a fee we can add beautiful tribute benches, dedicated in the memory of a loved one. Can we arrange some sponsorship opportunities at the park? 

I am always available to get feedback.








-If we want additional benches, can we start a campaign for people to “dedicate” new ones in the memory of loved ones?

-Can we seek naming rights for the Chalet at Rembrandt Park and use the proceeds for more improvements?


Our 42nd CSL Golf Classic was a success in two parts

Mother Nature tried to rain on our parade, but in the end the 42nd Côte Saint-Luc Golf Classic was a big success.

Working with committee co-chairs Mannie Young, Councillors Dida Berku and Lior Azerad and staff support Anisa Cameron, Ryan Nemeroff and Moe Giobbi, we began planning the event last winter.  

With Mario Argiropoulos, Lior Azerad, Philippe Mamane and Dan Bouhana.

The Golf Classic has two purposes: to provide a day of recreation on the beautiful Meadowbrook Golf Course and to raise money for our Parks and Recreation Bursary Fund,  which assists families on low incomes and with children who have special needs gain access to some of our programs via discreet financial assistance.

Now let me say that this Golf Classic had only been postponed once before, in 2018,  due to extreme heat, and of course for two years during the pandemic. It was not surprising given the consistent inclement weather we have experienced this summer that we were rained out on August 8. Fortunately, the weather was letter perfect for our backup date on August 15.

Joanne Cutler and Merv Middling are recognized at the luncheon.

We nonetheless went ahead with our luncheon on the original date, paying tribute to our honourees Joanne Cutler and Merv Middling. The dynamic couple have done countless benefit concerts for seniors over the last few years. During the pandemic in 2020 they helped out the city and kept hope alive by performing balcony concerts at our senior residences. This proved to be so successful that they have been performing as their duo, Qué Sera all over the town, raising money first for B’nai Brith House and now for the Cedars Cancer Foundation in memory of Harvey Levine (former Executive director of B’nai Brith Quebec.) They put on fabulous performances and donate their performance fees to the foundation. They call this their summer mitzvah project. Even more meaningful is that Harvey’s wife, Doreen Levine,  helps keep his memory alive by accompanying Qué Sera as their technician and crowd animator at all their concerts. 

We thank them for their continued work and for utilizing the arts to bring awareness and relief for those facing the challenges of cancer. Joanne’s dad Harrison “Hy” Cutler, the founder of Delmar, was with us. He graciously covered he cost of the golf balls provided to each player.

Mayor Mitchell Brownstein, members of council, D’Arcy McGee Liberal MNA Elisabeth Prass and Mount Royal Liberal MP Anthony Housefather were in attendance.

Philippe Mamane and Lior Azerad under the Assante tent.


We paid tribute to our title sponsor, Philippe Mamane of Gestion Patrimoine Assante’s Mamane Group. Other sponsors  included Paperman and Sons, Delmar International, McDonald’s Pierre Brunet, Brian Young from Rebox and The Côte Saint-Luc Men’s Club. Mannie Young proudly announced that we raised over $6,000 for the Bursary Fund. That is quite an accomplishment. It was nice to see former Parks and Recreation senior manager Harold Cammy at the luncheon for it was the two of us who conceived this Fund, originally via Peter Brunet and McDonalds.

While of course we all wanted to golf, in the event our backup date was cancelled as well we know that all of efforts went towards a very special cause.

There were plenty of door prizes, a terrific lunch from Falafel St. Jacques and Pizza Pita and a fun time was had by all. Oh yes, let’s not forget the decadent kosher cake baked by Ilana of Creative Cakes. TCBY and Lenny Goodman was back as a supporter as well, providing yogurt.

With Peter Lipari and Mario Argiropoulos.

Now let’s turn to the golf.  Anisa, Ryan, Moe and I kept looking at the forecast for the backup date and it did not look promising. But in the end it was a gorgeous day. I had a tee off at 7:20 am and was joined by my colleague at the English Montreal School Board Mario Argiropoulos and the remarkable Peter Lipari, owner of the IGA at Cote St. Luc Shopping Centre. Peter is one in a million and we are so fortunate to have him serving our community. He and Mario are talented golfers ,unlike myself.  My late grandfather tried to teach me at the age of 16 (that was 44 years ago), yet I never really caught on. So I come out once a year at Meadowbrook and just have fun. Mario and Peter did provide me with some valuable tutelage.

With Nick Katalifos, Jack Chadirdjian, Did Berku, Mario Cardin and Mitch Kujavsky.

This day also reminds all of us how precious this greenspace is to have in our community. The owners of the land have tried to convert it to housing for decades, but municipalities like ours have blocked such a move. As Councillor Berku and I always say, why wouldn’t these owners not want to make this into a state-of-the-art golf club with a reception hall and other amenities.

Showcasing our sponsors.

After I finished my nine holes, I drove around the course in my electric cart and checked with all of the golfers.  Everyone was smiling and energized.

We will hand our the trophies for Longest Drive and Closest to the Pin at an upcoming CSL Men's Club meeting,

Thanks to everyone who took part and I really look forward to next year!


 Sheila Finestone Park formally dedicated in Côte Saint-Luc


With Stephen and Daniel Finestone.


I was honored to preside over   a formal dedication ceremony for a park named  after former Mount Royal Liberal MP and Senator Sheila Finestone on Marc Chagall Avenue. located in my District 2, on August 14. A big thank you to Barry Herman from the CSL Men's Club for the photos you see here.

Some members of the family and political representatives.


Sheila Finestone was the Liberal MP for  Mount Royal from 1984 to 1999, which had previously been held since 1965 by former prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau. Finestone admired Trudeau and said he inspired her to go into politics. She concluded her political career a member of the Senate, retiring in 2002. She passed away from cancer at the age of 82 in 2009.

Members of the Finestone family.


I always felt that our city should name something after her. She served our community with great distinction and this tribute was a longtime in coming.

Mayor Brownstein with Sidney Margles.

Finestone was a devoted community activist before entering politics. Notable among these, at a young age she ascended to the presidency of the Women's Federation of Allied Jewish Community Services of Montreal (now Federation CJA), followed by many executive and leadership roles in this community. She then brought her insight and drive to the broader community where she earned the position of president of Les Federation des Femmes de Quebec. Her passion for the rights and dreams of all people ultimately took her into the political sphere, first as an advisor to the leaders of the Quebec Liberal Party, then as a Liberal MP, Cabinet Minister in Jean Chretien's government and ultimately to the Red Chamber as a Senator. She worked tirelessly and with passion for the causes of a united Canada, human rights, the cause of Soviet Jews, equality and justice for all peoples regardless of origin or geography. Amongst her proudest accomplishments were her leadership of Canada's delegation to the Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing in 1995, her membership on the Executive Committee of the No Campaign in the 1980 referendum on national unity and as a principal mover of the "Yvettes," her engagement with other notables to rid the world of landmines and most of all the fight for human dignity, privacy and the inherent rights that are intrinsic to all peoples.

Anthony Housefather, Elisabeth Prass and Robert Libman.

Extending her influence beyond Canada's boarders, Finestone was a force in upholding the values of Canadian democratic tradition in such organizations as the Inter Parliamentary Union as well as other groups pursuing important global causes. In a life filled with tributes and awards her final accolade came from her parliamentary peers when in 2008 she was the recipient of the Distinguished Service Award on behalf of the Canadian Association of Former Parliamentarians. She well understood and exemplified the notion that with power and influence comes great responsibility and she never shrank from the challenges it presented.

The new park is a lovely piece of green space, outfitted with benches, picnic tables, trees and pathways.  It is a nice spot for visitors to gather. There is also space for people to toss the football or frisbee or kick the soccer ball.

One of  Finestone’s sons, Stephen and nephew Daniel, drove in from Ottawa for the ceremony while a nice entourage of family and friends, as well as those who reside in the neighbourhood were in attendance. Later on a Zoom link at our public council meeting, his siblings joined us.

Irwin Cotler

Also on hand were Mayor Mitchell Brownstein, members of council, present-day Liberal MP for Mount Royal Anthony Housefather, Finestone’s immediate successor, Irwin Cotler, former CSL Mayor and D’Arcy McGee Liberal MNA Robert Libman and present day MNA Elisabeth Prass.   Resident Sidney Margles, whose late wife Merle served as Finestone’s executive assistant, was there along with his daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren. He played a leading role in consultation we took last winter to choose a name for the park. We were also privileged to have Deborah Wasserman Schultz with us. The US Congresswoman from Florida works closely with Housefather on combatting worldwide antisemitism and she was in town to speak to our Men's Club.

Stephen Finestone said that as a politician his mother always focused on the Triple A: "Accessible, Accountable and  Active."

Libman told me he remembered sitting with Finestone at countless community dinners. He was a very young politician at the time and  Finestone always shared motherly advice

Both Housefather and Cotler said this honor was well deserved while Prass, while acknowledging she never met Finestone, saluted the late MP’s leading role as a female politician.

Margles pointed to the sign and said and read the name as “Finest  One,” something a youngster came up at campaign event years ago,

Brownstein called Finestone a role model, stating how he first became active in politics as part of the Young Liberals of Canada in the Mount Royal riding when she  was the MP.

With Mayor Brownstein, Stephen Finestone and Michael Abramovitch.

Michael Abramovich, a  saxophonist who lives in Côte Saint-Luc,  performed some extraordinary music prior to the ceremony.   I thank him very much for doing so.  He is available for private events. See a bit of his performance here.

 This greenspace is immediately next to a pathway leading to  Isadore Goldberg Park. Goldberg was the Councillor for District 1 from 1983 to 2000. We will be having a re-dedication ceremony there on Sunday, September3 (10 am).

 Here is a brief from CTV Montreal News


Thank you to Public Works and Engineering for developing this park and all of the other supporters.

The story of the yellow school bus on Rembrandt Avenue

Over the last few months I have received a number of inquiries about a large yellow school bus parked on Rembrandt Avenue and Merrimac Road.

In particular, there is one resident of Rembrandt who uses the adapted transport program. When the bus was parked on her street it caused great inconvenience.

Yair Bensimhon on the bus.


I was able to track down the owner, Yair Bensimhon. He is a relatively new resident on Rembrandt. Yair understood the plight of this individual and was also aware that given the limited parking spots on general it would be well advised to find another place to park. Since that time he has left the bus on the long stretch of Merrimac Road, which does not inconvenience anyone. He also made arrangements with Aaron Bitton to keep the bus in the parking lot of his Cavendish and Kildare building overnight.

Thanks Yair. And it was nice to meet you and get a chance to board your bus.

Bus on Rembrandt1
The bus parked on Merrimac Road.


Au cours des derniers mois, j'ai reçu un certain nombre de demandes de renseignements au sujet d'un grand autobus scolaire jaune stationné sur l'avenue Rembrandt et le chemin Merrimac.

En particulier, une habitante de Rembrandt utilise le programme de transport adapté. Lorsque l'autobus était garé dans sa rue, il lui causait une grande gêne de la rue, cela lui causait un grand désagrément

J'ai pu retrouver le propriétaire, Yair Bensimhon. Il habite depuis peu dans la rue Rembrandt. Yair comprenait la situation de cette personne et était également conscient qu'étant donné le nombre limité de places de parking sur le quartier général, il serait bien avisé de trouver un autre endroit où se garer. Depuis lors, il a laissé le bus sur le long tronçon de Merrimac Road, ce qui ne gêne personne. Il s'est également arrangé avec Aaron Bitton pour garder le bus dans le parking de son immeuble situé entre Cavendish et Kildare pendant la nuit.

Merci Yair. J'ai été ravi de vous rencontrer et de pouvoir monter à bord de votre autobus.

Newly arrived Ukrainian residents provided important alert on wasp hive

Our new residents from the Ukraine and the little girls who spotted the hive.


Not too long ago Steve Naymark and his wife met a family who were displaced from their homeland due to a terriblly unnecessary war in Ukraine.

"With my mom being of Ukrainian descent I've formed  a special bond with these people," said Steve, a  longtime resident of Kildare Road in my District 2.

Just the other day Steve contacted me about a wasp hive at Isadore Goldberg Park. It was the two little Ukrainian sisters who, Maria and Sophia, who alerted Steve.  I was then advised and our Public Works Department removed it.

Welcome to our community!



Plans to reimagine the building at Cavendish and Kildare begin to take shape

Aaron Bitton has big plans for the office building at the corner of Cavendish and Kildare. Via his family’s company, Holand Leasing, he has already submitted two zoning amendment requests to city council to add a pharmacy and a café.  A public consultation meeting was held on July 11 and nobody showed up. Those changes will be formally adopted on August 14.

Aaron Bitton with me in front of the building.


Aaron, 31,  grew up in Côte Saint-Luc and his father Gad raised the family here and remains in the same house. Gad is the ultimate success story. His group of car dealerships and real estate holdings continue to grow. Aaron had been living in Israel for a decade. When he returned home with his wife  Dalia and their five children last fall he was tasked with a number of projects including this building in the heart of my District 2.

For years the building housed Police Station 9. The Royal Bank remains anchor tenant.  Aaron has his sights set on attracting medical and dental clinics, massage therapists, music studios, professionals and a daycare. While there is no present-day zoning for the latter, a trial run has been in place for months. Hebrew Academy’s daycare has been parked here temporarily after a pipe burst in its headquarters. I  accompanied Aaron to the building recently. Drop off was scattered between 7:30 am and 9 am. There is an entrance via the back parking lot, so if this comes to council a lot of the obvious questions will already have answers.

The café will have an outdoor entrance and a terrasse. Aaron hopes work can begin on this soon. I believe this will be a wonderful addition to the neighbourhood. As for the pharmacy, I did express some concern about this given the fact we have one of the best in the business across the street. Pharmaprix Cavendish is expertly run by the husband and wife team of David Banon and Sarah Ettedgui and serves the community well. Aaron has assured council he is looking to add a very small pharmacy that will there to handle prescriptions for the medical clinics he hopes to attract.

Aaron would also like to see if he can lure  clinics for blood tests and radiology. Family Physician Dr. Norman Sabin, a regular council meeting attendee who practices out of the Queen Elizabeth Health Centre, said he’d relocate to the Cavendish/Kildare building if such services would be offered.

As for parking, there are 96 indoor and 76 outdoor. Unquestionably, with thousands of people living within easy walking distance, potential medical clinics would not necessarily require people to arrive via a vehicle.

“Last year one of our major tenants left after having been here for 10 years,” Aaron explained. “That left us with a 75 percent vacancy rate. We intend to fill all of those spots in a way that the neighbourhood benefits as well.”

Adjustments made to Rembrandt Park pathway/Ajustements apportés au sentier du parc Rembrandt

Earlier this year our Public Works Department completed some much needed repairs to one of the walkways at Rembrandt Park, pouring new asphalt to cover paver stones which represented both a hazard to pedestrians and a tendency for puddles to appear after rainfalls. The work, which you can read more about here, was certainly welcomed by park-goers.

Image (2)
Improvements made to the troubling pathway.

Regrettably, another pathway closer to the  Meadows Condominums on Merrimac Road, has been filling with water for years and this summer has been no exception.  I shared this with Public Works and while that issue was scheduled to be looked into next year they were kind enough to pour some more asphalt there last and it does represent an improvement.

George Lubell shows me an area that could be adjusted.

I visited the pathway with George Lubell, a retired electrical engineer and a member of my District Advisory Committee. He lives on Rembrandt Avenue. He was pleased with the  remedial action taken to raise the centre of the path so that it drains to the sides. “That solves most of the problems but I believe there will be an accumulation of water at the end of the paved path where it meets the pavi uni,” he commented. “In any case, (the city) deserves credit for following up, correcting the deficiencies and getting the path into a useable state.”

Given the fact I walk through the park several days a week, I will keep a close eye on this situation.

En début d'année, notre service des travaux publics a effectué des réparations indispensables sur l'une des allées du parc Rembrandt, en coulant un nouvel asphalte pour recouvrir les pavés qui représentaient un danger pour les piétons et une tendance à l'apparition de flaques d'eau après les chutes de pluie. Les travaux ont été bien accueillis par les visiteurs du parc.

Malheureusement, un autre sentier situé plus près des condominiums Meadows, sur Merrimac Road, se remplit d'eau depuis des années et cet été n'a pas fait exception à la règle. J'ai fait part de ce problème aux services des travaux publics et, bien qu'il soit prévu de l'examiner l'année prochaine, ils ont eu la gentillesse de couler un peu plus d'asphalte à cet endroit pour la dernière fois, ce qui représente une amélioration.

J'ai visité le sentier avec George Lubell, ingénieur électricien à la retraite et membre du comité consultatif de mon district. Il habite sur l'avenue Rembrandt. Il est satisfait des mesures prises pour relever le centre du sentier de manière à ce qu'il s'écoule sur les côtés. "Cela résout la plupart des problèmes, mais je pense qu'il y aura une accumulation d'eau à l'extrémité du chemin pavé, là où il rencontre le pavi uni", a-t-il commenté. "Quoi qu'il en soit, (la ville) mérite d'être félicitée pour avoir suivi les travaux, corrigé les défauts et rendu le chemin utilisable.

Étant donné que je me promène dans le parc plusieurs jours par semaine, je suivrai cette situation de près.





Elysee Condominium sets a fine example with new Pool Committee

Anyone who resides in a rental or condo building knows that issues can surface in regard to behavioral issues around the common pool area. I get many calls from constituents on this dossier.

I recently consulted with a board member of the Elysee Condo on Rembrandt Avenue. The prevailing issue there had to do with co-owners, guests and "community guests" not respecting the rules such as: not showering before entering the pool , eating and drinking in the pool, swimming with street clothes, children under eight years of age with no guardian in the pool, use of water wings which are prohibited, babies with soiled diapers and more.

The Board sent an email to the co-owners and requested volunteers to join a new Pool Health and Safety Committee and five people answered the call. I believe this is a template other buildings and developments should follow.

Members of the Elysee Pool Committee.à

The Pool Committee is comprised of a group of co-owners who have a vested interest in maintaining the pool and gym area so that the asset value of this space can be protected and all co-owners can use these facilities in a safe, clean and secure manner, all in accordance with the Cote Saint Luc municipal pool permit and Condo Elysee rules and regulations.

As for the mandate, it is as follows:
• Establish workable hours of operation and access control to limit unauthorized use during times when no responsible, external resources are available.
• To check the facilities on a scheduled basis to ensure that the doors and windows are secured and that the areas are clean.
• Within the time and human resources of the Committee, within the facilities, to check that there are no persons in distress and in need of help .
• To take a proactive approach to informing non-compliant users of the rules and deciding upon an appropriate protocol to enforce the rules.
• To advise the Board of any issues relating to health,safety, non-compliance or cost of maintaining the facilities.
• For health and safety concerns, to update and/ or revise the prevailing rules and regulations relating to criteria for admissibility and access controls.
Bravo to the committee members: Marty Lehrer, pharmacist; Arlene Berg, retired medical secretary/database coordinator, Ruby Garzon, retired math teacher; Gilda Glazer, retired teacher/ librarian /sculptor; and Dr Jacob Garzon, retired surgeon who operated on me when I was a teen for a hernia.

L'Elysee  donne le bon exemple avec son nouveau comité de la piscine

Toute personne résidant dans un immeuble locatif ou un immeuble en copropriété sait que des problèmes de comportement peuvent survenir autour de la piscine commune. Je reçois de nombreux appels d'électeurs sur ce dossier.

J'ai récemment consulté un membre du conseil d'administration de l'Elysee Condo sur l'avenue Rembrandt. Le problème principal était que les copropriétaires, les invités et les "invités de la communauté" ne respectaient pas les règles telles que : ne pas se doucher avant d'entrer dans la piscine, manger et boire dans la piscine, nager avec des vêtements de ville, des enfants de moins de huit ans sans tuteur dans la piscine, l'utilisation d'ailes à eau qui sont interdites, des bébés avec des couches souillées et bien plus encore.

Le conseil d'administration a envoyé un courriel aux copropriétaires et a demandé des volontaires pour faire partie d'un nouveau comité de santé et de sécurité de la piscine et cinq personnes ont répondu à l'appel. Je pense qu'il s'agit là d'un modèle que d'autres immeubles et ensembles immobiliers devraient suivre

Le Comité de la piscine est composé d'un groupe de copropriétaires qui ont tout intérêt à entretenir la piscine et le gymnase afin de protéger la valeur de l'actif de cet espace et de permettre à tous les copropriétaires d'utiliser ces installations en toute sécurité, conformément au permis de la piscine municipale de Côte Saint-Luc et aux règles et règlements de Condo Elysee.

Quant au mandat, il est le suivant :
- Établir des heures d'ouverture praticables et un contrôle d'accès pour limiter l'utilisation non autorisée pendant les périodes où aucune ressource externe responsable n'est disponible.
- Contrôler régulièrement les installations pour s'assurer que les portes et les fenêtres sont sécurisées et que les locaux sont propres.
- Dans la limite du temps et des ressources humaines du Comité, vérifier dans les installations qu'il n'y a pas de personnes en détresse et ayant besoin d'aide.
- Adopter une approche proactive pour informer les utilisateurs qui ne respectent pas les règles et décider d'un protocole approprié pour faire appliquer les règles.
- Informer le conseil d'administration de tout problème lié à la santé, à la sécurité, au non-respect des règles ou au coût de l'entretien des installations.
- Pour les questions de santé et de sécurité, mettre à jour et/ou réviser les règles et règlements en vigueur concernant les critères d'admissibilité et les contrôles d'accès.

Bravo aux membres du comité : Marty Lehrer, pharmacien ; Arlene Berg, secrétaire médicale à la retraite/coordinatrice de base de données; Ruby Garzon, professeur de mathématiques à la retraite; Gilda Glazer, enseignante/bibliothécaire/sculptrice à la retraite; et le Dr Jacob Garzon, chirurgien à la retraite qui m'a opéré d'une hernie lorsque j'étais adolescent.




The Côte Saint-Luc Bicycle Club is thriving

Bravo to members of the  Bicycle Club, which operates under the auspices of the Cote St-Luc Men's Club.

The founder of the Club is Andrew Toeman and in 2019 he had the vision to establish an organized recreational biking activity for members, mostly retired professionals and businessman, aged 70 years and up.  “Initially there were growing pains and  the participation in weekly outings comprised only five or six members,” said member George Lubell, one of my constituents. 

The CSL Bicycle Club.


This was the brainchild of Andrew Toeman.  “I joined the club shortly after selling my dental practice and retiring,” said 80 years young Toeman.  “At the same time a family member had a rare Urachus cancer.   We formed a Team  Bikus Urachus and biked to Quebec City for the Ride to Conquer Cancer. Fourteen of us Now we are 57 and are the number one non-corporate fundraising team in Quebec!”

Toeman’s love of biking extended to the CSL Men’s Club where . Every Monday morning the club goes for a  a gentle and slow 30 km ride. “My history is over 35 years running with the Y Wolf Pack, several marathons and  I even climbed Mount Kilimanjaro , 19,400 feet,” he says. “With fellow runners.  I’ve also biked for Beit Halochem through Israel.”

If you’d like to join the club, e-mail [email protected]

Our new mobile stage makes its debut at Vintage Wine concert

There are so many benefits to securing donations. Last September we celebrated a $500,000 gift from Roslyn Margles  for the naming of the Max Margles Children's Library after her late husband,  While most of this money was earmarked for library services, Ms. Margles allowed us to  put some of the funds towards a project of our choice.

The Eleanor London Côte Saint-Luc Public Library is known for a lot more than books. Culture is a big part of our mandate. I am proud to have Library and Culture as one of my council portfolios. When Director Janine West and I began developing a wish list, a mobile stage came up as a high priority. Besides all of the library concerts, there was also Canada Day and other presentations where the city had to rent stages.   We agreed that purchasing a custom-made stage that could be setup anywhere in the city would be an excellent investment.

The assembled mobile stage.


We made the purchase. It arrived recently and was assembled by our Department of Public Works.  Produced by Stageline, a high quality stage manufacturer used in over 50 countries all over the world, this stage will enable CSL to offer a higher level of professionalism to our array of outdoor summer concerts and events.  Known for its safety features as well as its ease of set up and take down, this compact stage has won numerous awards because of its unique and innovative design – it is built as a trailer that unfolds to become a stage.  This will enable the stage to be easily transported  to any park or area in CSL.  We look forward to using this valuable asset for many years to come.

The stage made its debut on July12 at Trudeau Park at a very well-attended outdoor concert by the group Vintage Wine. Here is a video

Here is the schedule for our Summer in the City events,

If any individual or company wishes to engage in a sponsorship arrangement, contact Councillor Lior Azerad at [email protected] or myself for the library at [email protected].





CineStarz Deluxe Cavendish theatre celebrates its first anniversary

A happy first anniversary to the CineStarz  Deluxe Theatre at Quartier Cavendish.


When the Cineplex Odeon closed for good on November 2, 2020, it was during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. Movie theatres were closed and as a result not too many people expressed dismay. At that time I wrote a blog, expressing my personal hope that someone like Bruce Gurberg would come to the rescue.  Bruce resides in the West End and owns the CineStarz chain, with locations at Côte des Neiges Plaza, in St. Leonard,  Ottawa and the Greater Toronto area.

Privately, Bruce shared with me that day his desire to fill the void.  Despite all of the COVID obstacles he was beyond good on his word, CineStarz Deluxe opened in July 2022 and when I walked in side to see my first movie there -Jurassic Park -the place blew me away. As the city councillor for District 2, which encompasses Quartier Cavendish, I could not be more proud.

Bruce Gurberg


This has become a destination theatre, with its ultra-comfortable electronically controlled leather seats, large screens and terrific sound. Bruce spared no expense. Cineplex left him with a shell. Everything had to be rebuilt from scratch. He got a liquor license and even installed a full bar, You can bring your drinks to your seats.

Recently, the theatre served as the venue for our Volunteer Appreciation Evening. Other organizations are booking it as well. And yes, it is a popular spot for kids birthday parties. While Bruce is on the road frequently to watch over his other venues, this spot already holds a special place in his heart.

I urge everyone in our community to visit the theatre. We do not see that many blockbuster movie releases these days. There have been a few.  We have those that attract young families. This month,  CineStarz Deluxe  Cavendish is showing Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny and Mission Impossible Dead Reckoning -Part One. Now I must admit I do not see as many movies as  I used to, but these two collections have been part of my personal theatre-going history for decades.  I first saw Harrison Ford in the lead role of Indy back in 1981 for Raiders of the Lost Ark. It was at the old Imperial Theatre. Wow, I was a year out of high school. If anyone had told me that Ford would reprise the same role 40 years later I’d say they were crazy. Tom  Cruise debuted his first Mission Impossible film back in 1996. Again, it is remarkable to see him back at it again with another on the way.

“I am grateful for the outpouring of support,” Bruce told me. “I am so happy people are enjoying the labour of love I put into this place. I certainly hope people continue to visit our state of the art complex.”

A happy first anniversary to the CineStarz Deluxe Theatre at Quartier Cavendish.

When the Cineplex Odeon closed for good on November 2, 2020, it was during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. Movie theatres were closed and as a result not too many people expressed dismay. At that time I wrote a blog, expressing my personal hope that someone like Bruce Gurberg would come to the rescue. Bruce resides in the West End and owns the CineStarz chain, with locations at Côte des Neiges Plaza, in St. Leonard, Ottawa and the Greater Toronto area.


Privately, Bruce shared with me that day his desire to fill the void. Despite all of the COVID obstacles he was beyond good on his word, CineStarz Deluxe opened in July 2022 and when I walked in side to see my first movie there -Jurassic Park -the place blew me away. As the city councillor for District 2, which encompasses Quartier Cavendish, I could not be more proud.

This has become a destination theatre, with its ultra-comfortable electronically controlled leather seats, large screens and terrific sound. Bruce spared no expense. Cineplex left him with a shell. Everything had to be rebuilt from scratch. He got a liquor license and even installed a full bar, You can bring your drinks to your seats.

Recently, the theatre served as the venue for our Volunteer Appreciation Evening. Other organizations are booking it as well. And yes, it is a popular spot for kids birthday parties. While Bruce is on the road frequently to watch over his other venues, this spot already holds a special place in his heart.

I urge everyone in our community to visit the theatre. We do not see that many blockbuster movie releases these days. There have been a few. We have those that attract young families. This month, CineStarz Deluxe Cavendish is showing Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny and Mission Impossible Dead Reckoning -Part One. Now I must admit I do not see as many movies as I used to, but these two collections have been part of my personal theatre-going history for decades. I first saw Harrison Ford in the lead role of Indy back in 1981 for Raiders of the Lost Ark. It was at the old Imperial Theatre. Wow, I was a year out of high school. If anyone had told me that Ford would reprise the same role 40 years later I’d say they were crazy. Tom Cruise debuted his first Mission Impossible film back in 1996. Again, it is remarkable to see him back at it again with another on the way.

Bruce Gurberg

“I am grateful for the outpouring of support,” Bruce told me. “I am so happy people are enjoying the labour of love I put into this place. I certainly hope people continue to visit our state of the art complex.”

Bravo to our local teens for organizing a successful first CSL Comiccon

The first-ever Côte Saint-Luc Comiccon took place July 9 at the Harold Greenspon Auditorium, organized  by teenagers via the Youth Advisory Group of the CSL Public Library.

THe scene
A look at the scene.

Having attended the Montreal Comiccon many times over the years, it was wonderful to see the enthusiasm and  excitement generated by our youth. Ably assisted by staffers Maria Ressina and Bronwen Cathey,  our Library and Culture Committee member Anna Shi came up with and ran with the idea. 

You can see my video interview with some of the organizers in this link or below.

Geek & Co., located at the CSL Shopping Centre, was a main sponsor and had a large both. "In addition to selling gaming and geek-related products, we have weekly gaming tournaments for Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh! and other games," said owner Alain Côte, "We get about 60 to 80 people per week coming to play our various games in our game room."


I met people like April Petchsri, selling her two bilingual comic books appropriately titled Poisson D’April . “It’s a slice of life,” she said, describing the books. “about my husband Max and our two cats.”

Nearby was Anna, who had her Stickmenext durable and cool looking anime lover peeker stickers . These high quality vinyl stickers have been tested to tough pressure washes, storms, ice and snow, and more! “You can put them on any surface and they will stay there,” she said.

Vinay Menon with her husband and one of their children.

I loved the booth of Boardgames N More (, a family based business. Founder and owner Vinay Menon opened thos online store on September, 2019. “We have a passion for playing board games and we want to share this with our community,” she says. “ We started the business as a family, two adults and three children. We provide local events for free in our community area to get families involved together and teach new games to everyone. We carry modern board games which are different from the traditional board games. These modern games are designed to fit all different types of board gamers, newbies to masters of board games. They can be played cooperatively and/or competitively, can be played solo to multiplayer and some in a story-telling manner-legacy games.”

Other tables sold posters, earrings, keychains, prints, acrylic charms, bookmarks, t-shirts, postcards , collectibles and more.


There was a photo booth as people entered and some comic book hero trivia games in the front of the room, with a moderator and guests seated in the front row watching the big screen. At the end of the day, a cosplay competition took place.

What a fabulous example this was of how a small idea can materialize at a meeting and thanks to Director of Library Services Janine West we were able to ensure it was properly followed up and came to be.


With one Comiccon under their belt, I hope that the youngsters on the committee will use this experience to even expand things in 2024 and bring more people aboard.

The first Côte Saint-Luc Comiccon is set for Sunday, July 9

And now for something completely different!

At the beginning of the present mandate of this city council, we established a new Library and Culture Committee. We convene every few months to discuss issues related to the library and encourage new ideas. Director of Library Services Janine West and her team do a remarkable job.

One of our members is a CEGEP student named Anna Shi. Working with our CSL Youth Advisory Group, she came up with the idea of organizing our very own Comiccon. The latter refers to  a pop-culture fan convention that showcases artists and products from entertainment genres like: Sci-fi, Horror, Anime, Gaming in all its forms, and, of course, bande dessinée and comic books.  The huge Montreal edition will take place  at the Palais des congrès July 14-16.


Bravo to Anna and her team for making our own Comiccon a realty. It will be held on Sunday, July 9 (11 am to 5 pm) at the Harold Greenspon Auditorium of City Hall (5801 Cavendish). This bilingual event is geared towards anyone aged 12 and over.

 You can go to  for all of the details. This site was designed by the young adult organizers.

 The event will feature workshops, contests, prizes and the opportunity to buy art and comic books and meet local artists. Comic-inspired costumes are optional, but encouraged!

For more information e-mail [email protected].

 See you all there!


CSL Golf Classic set for August 8 at Meadowbrook honouring Joanne Cutler and Merv Middling

The 42nd  annual Côte Saint-Luc Golf Classic will take place on  Tuesday, August 8, 2023, honoring the dynamic couple of Joanne Cutler and Merv Middling. Philippe Mamane from Assante Wealth Management Ltd. – Mamane Group and a  resident of the community, will serve as the title sponsor.

Côte Saint-Luc City Council and the Côte Saint-Luc Men’s Club are collaborating on the event once again with Mannie Young joining Councillors Mike Cohen,  Dida Berku  and Lior Azerad as co-chairs.   Cutler and Middling  have devoted their time to assisting so many community projects over the years. During the pandemic they played music outside senior residences to bring a smile to people who could only go out on their balconies.

Golf Group1
That is my thumbs up for left to right Merv Middling, Ryan Nemeroff, Joanne Cutler, Mannie Young, Mayor Mitchell Brownstein, Philippe Mamane and Councillors Lior Azerad and Dida Berku.


Proceeds from the event  will go towards the Parks and Recreation Bursary Fund. The donations raised help disadvantaged families and those with children who have special needs in Côte Saint-Luc who cannot afford to register their children in seasonal programs and activities operated by the Parks and Recreation Department.  In addition to Assante Wealth Management, a number of other sponsors  have signed on. Those wishing to support  this Fund can contact Ryan at Côte Saint-Luc Parks and Recreation at [email protected].

Registration is now underway at the Aquatic and Community Center (ACC) Front Desk, 5794 Parkhaven Avenue, Monday through Sunday from 8 am  to 9 pm.   When registering a foursome, the names of all players must be included with their address, postal code and telephone number.  The registration fee of $40  covers the cost of nine holes of golf, a catered box luncheon at Ashkelon Gardens at 1 pm, award-winning trophies for contest holes such as Longest Drive and Closest to the Pin and the opportunity to win a door prize. The guest fee for non-players who wish to attend the luncheon is $25/person.

More About Our Title Sponsor

Philippe Mamane is a wealth management advisor,  at Assante Wealth Management, where he specializes in helping professionals achieve their true worth and build generational wealth. With over a decade of experience, Philippe has established himself as a trusted partner, providing tailored financial solutions to affluent individuals.

Focused on serving ambitious professionals, Philippe created the Mamane Group to commit to helping individuals and their families unlock their financial potential and guide them towards lasting prosperity. His comprehensive approach combines strategic investment strategies, tax optimization, financial, retirement and estate planning to ensure his clients' and their families’ financial well-being at every stage of life. With his guidance, professionals can confidently navigate the complexities of wealth management, realizing their aspirations and creating a lasting legacy for future generations.

As a strong believer of the positive impact we should have on the world around us, Philippe has always been inspired to give back and get involved in various causes. He is proud to have been on the board and gala committees of organization such as Canadian Magen David Adom (CMDA), Israel Cancer Research Fund (ICRF) and the Jewish Chamber Commerce.

When Philippe is not assisting his clients or engaging in philanthropic endeavors, he cherishes time with his wife and two kids, and avidly enjoys playing and watching hockey (Go Habs Go!).

Tee Times

Tee times will run from 7 am  to 10:30am.  If you require a pull cart or electric cart, there are limited numbers and the rental must be paid directly to the Golf Club.   You can register at the Aquatic and Community Centre on Parkhaven.

The Montreal SPCA To Challenge No-Pet Clauses in Court

The Montreal SPCA has filed a declaration of intervention with the Tribunal administratif du logement (TAL) to have its perspective heard in a dispute between a tenant and her landlord over the validity of the clause in her lease prohibiting animals in the unit.

For over a decade, the Montreal SPCA has been fighting relentlessly to ban no-pet clauses due to their devastating effects on both animals and Quebec families, more than half of which now include a companion animal. On May 25, in response to the SPCA’s sustained efforts over the past few years, Bill 494, An Act to amend the Civil Code to render without effect the clauses of a lease of a dwelling tending to prohibit companion animals, was introduced at the National Assembly.


This is a problem that does indeed impact residents of Côte Saint-Luc who are told they cannot have a dog or cat in their apartment. Only pet owners and animal lovers can understand the cruelty of this act. I could never move into a place  that would not allow me to bring my beloved cat.

I appreciate the MNAs for Québec Solidaire for bringing this motion forward. I am sure that our D'Arcy McGee Liberal MNA Elisabeth Prass, who has always supported our CSL Cats Committee, will speak up on this as well.

“In addition to tackling the issue of animals in housing on the legislative front, by supporting this bill and encouraging the public to do the same, we also wish to submit to the courts several legal arguments challenging the validity of no-pet clauses," explainedSophie Gaillard, Director of Animal Advocacy and Legal and Government Affairs at the Montreal SPCA. "More specifically, we consider this type of clause to be abusive, unreasonable and contrary to certain fundamental rights set out in the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms. 

“As an animal shelter directly affected by the problem of mass abandonment caused by no-pet clauses but also as the largest animal protection organization in Quebec, the Montreal SPCA would like to have its voice heard on this issue at the Tribunal administratif du logement.”

In its intervention, the Montreal SPCA will argue, among other things, that the clause prohibiting animals in the residential lease of the tenant involved in the dispute:

  • Violates the new status of animals as “sentient beings,” granted to them in the Civil Code of Québec in 2015, insofar as it forces the tenant to get rid of her animals—a dog and a cat—as if they were any other movable property, when in fact they are sentient beings to whom she has a deep emotional attachment and to whom she has obligations;
  • Violates the right to privacy set out in section 5 of the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms, which protects the right to make fundamentally personal and private decisions without undue external influence. The choice to live with an animal companion, often perceived as a family member in their own right, is an inherently personal decision that must be protected;
  • Is abusive and unreasonable, especially given the shortage of affordable housing, which seriously undermines the balance of power between landlords and tenants. Forcing a tenant to give up her animals in order to keep her residential unit is completely disproportionate to any hypothetical harm to the landlord or neighbours that such a clause is presumably intended to avoid.

“Every year, thousands of Quebecers are forced to make the heartbreaking decision to give up their animal, whom they consider a member of the family, in order to find affordable housing," points out Gaillard. "The current state of the Quebec rental market is exacerbating this already difficult situation, especially for low-income individuals,” . “Moving is one of the main reasons animals are abandoned in Quebec shelters. On average, more than one animal a day is abandoned at the Montreal SPCA for this very reason.”

Representing the Montreal SPCA in this case is Marie-Claude St-Amant, a partner at Melançon Marceau Grenier Cohen, LLP, who also chairs the SPCA’s board of directors.



Hydro information session /Une séance d’information par rapport à la modernisation du réseau électrique d’Hydro Québec


Councillor Erdelyi shares some information with residents.


Hydro-Québec hosted an information session and open house on Monday, June 5.  Councillor Steven Erdelyi, our point man on the planned large-scale Hydro project, was our spokesperson. The meeting was conducted bilingually.

To watch video from the presentation, visit: 

Pour visionner la vidéo de la présentation, visitez le site :

That is me (masked) talking to some residents.

This entire project will take over a decade to complete.

This is what is proposed for the new power station in CSL as you will see from Baily across the tracks.

Voici la proposition pour le nouveau poste à CSL



These are the phases of the project as you can see CSL substation is in Phase 1

Voici les étapes du projet



Hydro is proposing installing pylons that will be twice as high as the existing ones but with a smaller footprint ¸

Des pylônes de nouvelle génération qui occupent moins d’espace au sol, mais qui sont plus haut que celles existantes


Also there will be a presentation of Green Corridor which is meant to compensate for the impact and inconvenience caused by the project

Création d’un corridor vert dans certaines sections des emprises 

Green corridor


Review of my 2023  District 2 Town Hall Meeting with video recording link

There was not a lot of good that came out of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it did bring us a relatively new way to communicate. Virtual meetings carried us through the shutdowns and allowed entities like our city council to keep the business of running a city in operation.

Almost 18 years ago, when I was first elected to city council, I introduced the concept of District meetings---- meetings hosted by your local city councillor (only me at the time) to focus specifically on issues related to the District. Of course these meetings were in person. But they switched to virtual during the pandemic and due to popular demand, for now, we will maintain that format. Our city council does meet in public at least once a month and you can join those meetings in person or via YouTube.

I am always available by email at [email protected]. I take regular walks throughout the District. Follow my blog at and my Facebook page. On May 28, almost 100 people from about 50 computer screens joined my virtual meeting.

You can watch it all here:


For traffic issues, our Traffic Engineer Spyro Yotis was with us. Isabella Pietracupa from Public Works joined as well to talk about the snow dump on Marc Chagall Avenue. I also spoke about our master plan and what the owners of the Quartier Cavendish may want to do. Next, was an update on Hydro-Quebec and news on some of their upcoming projects and an important public meeting coming up on June 5. Back to Marc Chagall Avenue, I shared some news on Sheila Finestone Park. Finally, stay tuned for news at our June 12 council meeting on some exciting changes to the building at Cavendish and Kildare

I introduced Glenn J. Nashen, a friend and a former city councillor for 25 years. He is also a constituent and has agreed to serve as special advisor for me in District 2.

Also on the call were Councillors Dida Berku, Lior Azerad, Steven Erdelyi and Oren Sebag and former Councillor David Tordjman.

La pandémie de COVID-19 n'a pas apporté grand-chose de positif. Cependant, elle nous a apporté un moyen de communication relativement nouveau. Les réunions virtuelles nous ont permis de traverser les périodes de fermeture et ont permis à des entités telles que notre conseil municipal de continuer à gérer les affaires de la ville.

Il y a près de 18 ans, lorsque j'ai été élu pour la première fois au conseil municipal, j'ai introduit le concept des réunions de district---- réunions organisées par votre conseiller municipal local (moi seul à l'époque) pour se concentrer spécifiquement sur les questions liées au district. Bien entendu, ces réunions se tenaient en personne. Mais elles sont devenues virtuelles pendant la pandémie et, à la demande générale, nous conservons pour l'instant ce format. Notre conseil municipal se réunit en public au moins une fois par mois et vous pouvez participer à ces réunions en personne ou via YouTube.

Je suis toujours disponible par courriel à l'adresse [email protected]. Je me promène régulièrement dans le district. Suivez mon blog à et ma page Facebook.

Ce soir, vous serez informés sur les questions de circulation. Notre ingénieur de la circulation, Spyro Yotis, est avec nous, ainsi qu'Isabella Pietracupa, des travaux publics. Elle est ici pour parler brièvement du déversement de neige. J'ajusterai cette question au deuxième point de l'ordre du jour. Je parlerai ensuite de notre plan directeur et, plus important encore, du plan de réaménagement du Quartier Cavendish. Ensuite, il y aura Hydro Québec et des nouvelles sur certains de ses projets à venir, ainsi qu'une importante réunion publique à venir. Pour en revenir à l'avenue Marc Chagall, je vous parlerai également du parc Sheila Finestone. Enfin, un mot sur le parc Rembrandt

J'aimerais vous présenter Glenn J. Nashen, un ami et ancien conseiller municipal pendant 25 ans. Il est également un électeur et a accepté d'être mon conseiller spécial dans le district 2.


This is probably the issue constituents talk to me about the most.

Spyro Yotis spoke about issues like speeding, stop signs, speed bumps and parking. He has been asked to look at the speeding on Park Place and Jubilee in particular.

C'est probablement la question dont les électeurs me parlent le plus. Excès de vitesse. Les panneaux d'arrêt. Les ralentisseurs, le stationnement.


The snow dump has been on Marc Chagall Avenue for more than 50 years. Over the last few years we have taken specific measures to reduce the noise pollution and to ensure that it is chopped up in June. We had a lot of snow this winter and of course we have an agreement that allows the Town of Hampstead to use the dump as well. This year we had to revoke that privileged towards the end of the winter as we had reached capacity. I am sure many people would like to see us relocate it. Hats off to Public Works for the job they have been doing to make the mountain of hard snow disappear. On the call Isabella told us that all testing came back with conforming numbers.

La décharge à neige se trouve avenue Marc Chagall depuis plus de 50 ans. Ces dernières années, nous avons pris des mesures spécifiques pour réduire les nuisances sonores et pour nous assurer que la décharge est nettoyée en juin. Nous avons eu beaucoup de neige cet hiver et, bien sûr, nous avons un accord qui permet à la ville de Hampstead d'utiliser le dépotoir également. Cette année, nous avons dû révoquer ce privilège vers la fin de l'hiver, car nous avions atteint notre capacité. Je suis sûr que beaucoup de gens aimeraient que nous le relocalisions. Isabella est ici avec nous ce soir pour nous donner une mise à jour.


Since last June, the city began gathering feedback from the public on our revision to the municipal Master Plan and Zoning By-law revision documents.

We’ve had workshops on issues such as home-based businesses, local commerce, Housing, Mobility and Connectivity. There have been questionnaires and surveys, focus groups with young adults. A complete and comprehensive document is in the preparation stage.

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For the purpose of this meeting, it is the redevelopment of the three shopping malls in Côte Saint-Luc most people were interested in.

We as a council still do not have any formal proposals from the Malls. We will be meeting with them towards the end of June. What I can tell you is that the owners seek to create a modern, accessible, and sustainable mixed-use project that offers commercial spaces, retail and residential units.

By the end of the summer I hope we will be in a position to have a meeting with the owners of Quartier Cavendish where they can expand on their plans and you can ask questions.

Depuis juin dernier, la ville a commencé à recueillir les commentaires du public sur la révision du plan directeur municipal et du règlement de zonage. Nous avons organisé des ateliers sur des questions telles que les entreprises à domicile, le commerce local, le logement, la mobilité et la connectivité. Des questionnaires et des enquêtes ont été réalisés, ainsi que des groupes de discussion avec de jeunes adultes. Un document complet et exhaustif est en cours de préparation.

Pour les besoins de cette réunion, c'est le réaménagement des trois centres commerciaux de Côte Saint-Luc qui, j'en suis sûr, intéresse la plupart d'entre vous.

En tant que conseil, nous n'avons pas encore reçu de propositions formelles de la part des centres commerciaux. Nous les rencontrerons vers la fin du mois de juin. Ce que je peux vous dire, c'est que les propriétaires cherchent à créer un projet moderne, accessible et durable à usage mixte qui offre des espaces commerciaux, des commerces de détail et des unités résidentielles.

D'ici la fin de l'été, j'espère que nous serons en mesure d'organiser une réunion avec les propriétaires du Quartier Cavendish, au cours de laquelle ils pourront développer leurs projets et vous pourrez leur poser des questions.


In 2019, Hydro-Québec presented the project to rebuild the 18-kilometre stretch of the transmission line between Aqueduc (LaSalle) and Saraguay (Saint-Laurent) substations at 315 kilovolts (kV). Three transformer substations were also to be converted to 315 kV. Though the initial timeline was delayed due to the pandemic, the upgrades remain essential to ensure Hydro-Québec is able to maintain the reliability of the system and meet the growing demand in this area of the island of Montréal. The project, which was broadened to two substations, will be carried out in three phases. The first involves rebuilding the line between Saraguay substation and the future 315 kV Côte-Saint-Luc substation (to be built on the site of Hampstead substation). The second involves rebuilding the line between Côte-Saint-Luc and Rockfield substations and expanding the latter. And the third involves rebuilding the section of the line between Rockfield and Aqueduc substations.

Anyone who is interested in this topic need to come to our Aquatic and Community Centre on Parkhaven Avenue on Monday, June 5 (6:30 pm to 9 pm) where you will hear from and be able to ask questions to Hydro officials.

Also, the grid that powers Merrimac Road has been in poor condition for many years now. A number of years ago Hydro was prepared to update the network. It involved the exchange of some servitudes. The Meadows Condo Board could not agree. There were some other issues. Then came the pandemic. Hydro has informed me that they plan to proceed with the work in 2025. More details to come.

En 2019, Hydro-Québec a présenté le projet de reconstruction à 315 kilovolts (kV) du tronçon de 18 kilomètres de la ligne de transport entre les postes Aqueduc (LaSalle) et Saraguay (Saint-Laurent). Trois postes de transformation devaient également être convertis à 315 kV. Bien que l'échéancier initial ait été retardé en raison de la pandémie, ces travaux demeurent essentiels pour permettre à Hydro-Québec de maintenir la fiabilité du réseau et de répondre à la demande croissante dans ce secteur de l'île de Montréal. Le projet, qui a été élargi à deux postes, sera réalisé en trois phases. La première consiste à reconstruire la ligne entre le poste de Saraguay et le futur poste de Côte-Saint-Luc à 315 kV (qui sera construit sur le site du poste de Hampstead). La seconde consiste à reconstruire la ligne entre les postes de Côte-Saint-Luc et de Rockfield et à agrandir ce dernier. Et le troisième consiste à reconstruire le tronçon de ligne entre les postes de Rockfield et d'Aqueduc.

Reunion : Lundi 5 juin de 1830 h à 21 h à l'ACC

Par ailleurs, le réseau qui alimente Merrimac Road est en grande difficulté depuis de nombreuses années. Il y a quelques années, Hydro était prête à moderniser le réseau. Cela impliquait l'échange de certaines servitudes. Le conseil d'administration de Meadows n'a pas pu donner son accord. Il y avait d'autres problèmes. Puis la pandémie est arrivée. Hydro m'a informé qu'elle prévoyait de procéder aux travaux en 2025. Plus de détails à venir


I am very proud of what we have succeeded in doing with that greenspace. This marks the first full summer to enjoy the beautiful greenspace with pathways, trees, benches and picnic tables. We will also rededicate Isadore Goldberg Park. I hope we will be able to do a proper ceremony with the Finestone family one the signage is ready.

Je suis très fier de ce que nous avons réussi à faire avec cet espace vert. C'est le premier été complet où l'on peut profiter de ce magnifique espace vert avec des allées, des arbres, des bancs et des tables de pique-nique. Nous allons également inaugurer à nouveau le parc Isadore Goldberg. J'espère que nous pourrons organiser une cérémonie en bonne et due forme avec la famille Finestone lorsque la signalisation sera prête.

First CSL Driveway Fest set for Sunday, June 25

The first ever Driveway Fest in Côte Saint-Luc is a go and I can't wait!

Bravo to Stewart Rubin for making it happen. On Sunday afternoon, June 25, there will be an unprecedented array of musical performances in people's driveways. (In the event of rain, it will take place the following day).


Here is the lineup, with Rubin's commentary.

1 pm -  5709 Melling

Daylite Vampires Daylite Vampires was formed over 8 years ago. The name comes from the movie Blade where Wesley Snipes was a Daywalker thus a Daylite Vampire. We play a blend of Classic Rock , Punk and some hits from today. We perform at various venues around the city and are pleased to be part of this inaugural event.

1 pm- 5803 Einstein

Buffy McFly Piano/Vocal Duo classic rock and pop

Bio: When Miri met Lorne. Miri mentioned that she sang. Lorne mentioned that he played piano. Miri said that she was looking for someone to accompany her. She hadn’t intended it to be a pick-up line, but lo and behold and the rest is history.

1 pm – 7553 Baily Road

Joanne and Merv bring their 60’s and 70’s vibe to driveway festival. Well known in the community for getting the seniors off their feet and moving. It is a pleasure to have them with us this year.

2 pm  6880 Holland Road

Marie A  Acoustic Folk-Pop - Marie has been singing, writing and playing a mix of her own melodies and songs she loves for a few years now. Inspired by singer-songwriters like Joni Mitchell, Carole King, James Taylor, Bob Dylan, and many more, Marie incorporates a familiar style of 70s folk with her own storytelling twist to bring her catchy acoustic tune to life. 

2 pm- 5518 Hudson

Peppermint Green We are a rock band that plays covers of rock classics as well as a few originals. 

2 pm – 606 Westluke

Rachel Dara is an award-winning singer songwriter who  has been nominated for 6 categories, at the ISSA 2023 Awards, taking place in Atlanta, 4th and 5th August. There are many words that might describe Rachel Dara. chanteuse, storyteller, poetess, bard. She crosses boundaries all the time, but one thing that differentiates her from the rest is her ability to transform a story into a song in her Indie folk rock genre.   

3 pm  606 Westluke

Superbed a Montreal new wave style band with an 80’s and 90’s vibe, get ready to put on those pointy ducky shoes and bop around

3 pm– 5720 Brookside

Brian Campbell is a Montreal song-poet, dexterous finger stylist, and impassioned, heartfelt singer. He has released two full-length albums and an EP of original music, and more than a dozen singles. His sets are dynamic contrasts of serious and light, sorrowful and joyful, plainspoken and lyrical. The beauty of words holds prominent place in Campbell's songs, but he also maintains a common touch. A widely published poet, Campbell has several critically acclaimed collections to his name. On stage he is relaxed and natural, an entertaining storyteller who spellbinds with his songs.

 3 pm – 5709 Melling

Large Men started playing their instruments when they were still small, at an average age of minus 4 years old. Their cautious mix of paranoid folk is not very good or interesting but its lack of character pays the bills and keeps away dementia.


Virtual District 2 Meeting set for Monday May 29; Reunion de district 2 Lun. 29 mai

When I was first elected to city council almost 18 years ago, I introduced the concept of District meetings. These gatherings represented an opportunity for me to brief constituents on issues specifically pertinent to our immediate neighbourhood.  I was pleased to see most of my colleagues on Côte Saint-Luc city council follow the same model.

During the pandemic, these meetings switched to a virtual format.  While we now live in times of no COVID restrictions, the feedback I have received overwhelming favors retaining this option. There is a lot going on in District 2 so please join me on Monday, May 29 (7:30 pm). Just go to and click on the Zoom link. The agenda will focus on traffic issues (our Traffic Engineer Spyro Yotis will join us) to answer your questions and concerns; the master plan and the Quartier Cavendish development plan; an update on Hydro-Québec issues and their plans to build a  new substation and towers; the new park naming for Sheila Finestone on Marc Chagall Avenue as well as Isabella Pietracupa's update on the snow dump; and Rembrandt Park. Former City Councillor Glenn J. Nashen will also be formally introduced as my senior District 2 advisor,



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