New hours for "by appointment only" testing clinics

As of September 8, test centres at our CLSCs (to test blood and other samples) will have new hours of operation. This change does not affect our COVID-19 Testing Clinics. 
  • CLSC Benny Farm: Monday to Friday, 7:30 to 11:30 a.m. 
  • CLSC Metro: Monday to Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. 
  • CLSC Parc-Extension: Monday to Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. 
  • CLSC René-Cassin: Monday to Friday, 7:30 to 11:30 a.m. 
Tests are performed by appointment only. An appointment must be booked at CLICSANTE.CA or, if online booking is not possible, by calling the CLSC.  
Note: As of September 28, a new test centre will open at CLSC Côte-des-Neiges, by appointment only, from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. 

Dès le 8 septembre, un nouvel horaire sera en vigueur dans les centres de prélèvements de nos CLSC (analyses sanguines et autres prélèvements). Ce changement n’a pas d’incidence sur nos cliniques de dépistage de la COVID-19. 

  • CLSC de Benny Farm : du lundi au vendredi, de 7 h 30 à 11 h 30  
  • CLSC Métro : du lundi au vendredi, de 7 h 30 à 15 h 30  
  • CLSC de Parc-Extension : du lundi au vendredi, de 7 h 30 à 15 h 30  
  • CLSC René-Cassin : du lundi au vendredi, de 7 h 30 à 11 h 30 
Les prélèvements sont effectués sur rendez-vous seulement. Vous devez prendre un rendez-vous en ligne à CLICSANTE.CA ou, si ce n’est pas possible, en téléphonant au CLSC.  
À noter : en vigueur le 28 septembre, un nouveau centre de prélèvements ouvrira au CLSC de Côte-des-Neiges, sur rendez-vous seulement, de 7 h 30 à 15 h 30. 


My first District 2 Advisory Committee Meeting becomes an act of sharing information

Following many months of work, I held my first District 2 Advisory Council meeting on August 3. These type of meetings will be held a few times a year, initially via Zoom. The goal is to have one contact per condo/apartment building/street who can share with me issues of concern to their residents. I will also provide updates and engage in some “focus group” discussions. 

Meeting20200831Participants B01
Thank you David Haltrecht for this screenshot.


Côte Saint-Luc Public Works Director Beatrice Newman was my special guest. She gave an update on various projects and answered questions.

The Ashkelon Woodlands behind City Hall has been a major project.

In 2019 the city felled about 700 diseased trees. We planted about 30 new ones this year and several hundred in 2019. By the end of September all stems of buckthorn will be removed and all trees and bushes planted. This means that our objectives have been met. That was to fell all dead and sick trees, remove all invasive species of plants like buckthorn and poison ivy and finally plant several hundred trees and indigenous bushes .We are looking forward to providing our future generations with the woodlands they deserve and hope that they will appreciate the diversity that was planted. Some future potential projects in the woodlands might include a pathway or boardwalk Can residents now walk through the woodlands without damaging vegetation? Yes, in certain areas but it would be difficult to walk across and within because there are many stumps of various sizes. Walking along the perimeter is fine.

 Isadore Goldberg Park received some major TLC. It is too bad former Councillor Goldberg passed away last winter. He would have appreciated this. All of the old benches were removed and replaced with new ones. Ditto for the garbage cans. Five new benches were installed on concrete bases plus five temporary wood picnic tables were put in the park. Plans call for the new pathway that was installed to be paved.   Five new lights were purchased. We only received the heads and we are still waiting for the posts. They should be arriving soon. Four new games were installed. About 40 tons of sand was poured and we also sifted the sandbox and trimmed some trees. One dead one was felled.

Elie Wiesel Park at the corner of Kildare and Cavendish is a difficult one to maintain due to its makeup. Public Works weeded the park last week. They even decided to pull out many shrubs and perennials this year due to the extensive amount of deep weeds (Phragmite). In an ideal world, we would need to pull everything out and start from scratch... Since we can't do that we pulled everything that was impossible to work with for now. It takes a minimum of 12 people to clean that park during a few days, which is frustrating.

At Rembrandt Park three drinking fountains were opened this year; and were adjusted for filling water bottles as per COVID-19 protocols. Three temporary lights were installed on the pathway going towards Merrimac The frame for the swings for the bigger kids and some benches were painted. Six new benches and two waste receptacles will be installed on the pathway going towards Merrimac At  the same time we will recuperate the pavé and repair the holes where the pavé is missing ( in front of the chalet and near the fountain). Plans also call for the chalet bathrooms to be gutted and replaced this winter.

As for the snow dump,  a major cleanup has been completed. Public Works scraped the terrain of the dump, moved the materials toward two small hills; one located at the north-east of the yard and the other at the south-east of the deposit. They cleaned the ditches and estimated the volume that will need to be removed. They will continue to transport materials to reduce and eliminate the hills at the south-east ends at the beginning of season 2021. Then it is recommended we undertake the verification of levelling and slope of the ditches. The readjustment of the slopes and levelling of the land will provide better stability of the yard and better management of water flow during the snowmelt

What will happen to Marc Chagall Avenue in the winter?  How can we brighten the street at night ? All bulbs have been changed to LED and will stay like this until the Engineering Department takes on the project to change street lights throughout the city

There was good discussion on a  number of issues, with reps making recommendations which I am carrying forward to the different departments.

For instance there was a sharing of information as to which buildings have reopened their fitness rooms and pools and how AGMs are being handled for condo boards.

 I advised everyone that  District 2 Côte Saint-Luc will be part a major electrical system upgrade of the Hydro-Québec network. Work will occur between 2023 and 2026 and impact homes on Merrimac Road, Marc Chagall Avenue as well as Bialik High School. More information will be forthcoming. A committee, which includes residents, has been meeting with Hydro officials.

This was indeed a successful exercise.  

The late Carlo Palucci was a devoted member of the CSL Community Garden

Longtime Côte Saint-Luc resident Carlo Palucci passed away last week after a lengthy battle with cancer. He was an active member in our Seniors Community Garden. His son Frank is one of my most reliable constituents.

Carlo Palucci

Mr Palucci, as we all called him, was a wonderful member of our community garden for many years, and he always had a beautiful and productive garden,” commented Mandie Aaron, who oversees the group. “ Mr Palucci was always willing to help, always willing to teach, and always ready with a smile and a chat. I was always happy to see him and talk with him. I’ll not forget how proud he was of the new truck he bought a few years back. He did live a wonderful life. There is a lot of solace and joy in that.”

Carlo Palucci was predeceased by his sister Bruna and his brothers Antonio and Sisto.  He was the devoted husband of Elisabetta Tedeschi for 61 years and the adored and loving father and father-in-law of Angelo and Jeanine and Francesco and Sandra; the grandfather of Christopher (Bettina), Andrew (Kayla) and Jonathan; Alessia and Sara; and great-grandfather to Thomas.

As his obituary states: “Carlo will be remembered by his family and friends for his kindness and generosity. He was a gentle soul who loved to be around people and always had a smile and a twinkle in his eye. His passion for landscaping led him to run a successful and thriving business for over 50 years.”

Visitations will take place on Sunday, August 30, 2020 from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. and from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Collins Clarke MacGillivray White funeral home (5610 Sherbrooke St W, Montreal). The funeral service will take place on Monday, August 31, 2020 at 9.30 a.m. at the Paroisse Sainte-Catherine de Sienne (7070 Avenue Somerled, Montreal). Carlo Palucci's final resting place will be at the Notre Dame des Neiges cemetery (4601 Chemin de la Côte-des-Neiges, Montreal).

In lieu of flowers, contributions in his memory may be made to the Cedars Cancer Foundation.

Another walk through the District 2 where interesting people await

For the past several months I have been taking almost daily walks through my Electoral District 2.

Leonard Cohen Lane

It has been down Merrimac and Rembrandt, up KildareRoad, left turn on Sir Walter Scott, around Ilan Ramon Crescent, back on Sir Walter Scott, down Leonard Cohen Lane, up Marc Chagall, down Mackle, up Cavendish, turn on The Avenue, down Park Place, through the walkway back to The Avenue, down Jubilee, past Kildare Towers on Honoré Balzac and then straight on Kildare.

I have continued to ensure messages like this appear on the pavement on Ilan Ramon.


At this time of social distancing it is wonderful way to connect with my constituents. I stop to say hello to others on walks or at the park. Some strike up conversations from their balconies. My iPhone is kept busy taking photos of trouble-spots: a dead tree, dirt on the street, construction, a broken traffic signal.

Rembrandt Park was busy with Maurice Perez leading an Israeli Dance Class. Take a look here 

There is also a brand new ping pong table, a high-end model that is bolted to the ground and will stand the test of time. You must bring your own raquets and ping pong balls.

The new ping pong table.

On Marc Chagall it was nice to see the father/son combo of Lou and Jamie Zinman taking a walk.

The Zinmans

On Kildare Road, Anna Katz was walking her amazing dog Gracie. I also met a young constituent named  Lilly with her cute  dog Ackie.


Anna and Gracie
Lilly and Ackie.
The Equinoxe Tower Two should be completed by the fall.

I look forward to chatting with you if we cross paths!


Skunk problem arises near Nathan Shuster Park

There appears to be a skunk problem on Collins Avenue in District 8. I have received a number of calls in recent days.

So I asked our Public Works Director Beatrice Newman  for some guidance. She provided with a short summary of how we may coexist with wildlife that is sharing our city.

If residents are having issues on their own property with wildlife, it is their responsibility to respect the wildlife and ameliorate the protection for their property such as  securing trash cans and enclosing areas under balconies. The city tries to do the same with our public spaces.


We are very sorry for the inconvenience that may have occurred from a visiting skunk,  but these animals have inhabited our community for a few years now and they are here because their food sources are very accessible, as in many other cities. The city cannot kill or get rid of skunks. We will, however, survey nearby Nathan Shuster Park for any indication that skunks have dens there. 

Prevention of skunk problems through good property maintenance and management is the only permanent solution. The removal of individual animals, without taking steps to eliminate access to denning sites and food sources, will just leave a vacant territory for another skunk to inhabit. Please be respectful and patient with these animals when conflicts arise.

Below, we have also provided the list of names of contractors that can help protect home and properties. The first two organizations concentrate on forcing the animal out of the area and then focus on prevention work, like building up fencing, digging out trenches, etc.

1) Eviction Wildlife Solutions - Chuck (owner)


    Free estimate, guarantees his work

    Based in Montreal

2) Skedaddle - Human Wildlife Control

    514.395.4555 or 1.877.222.9453

    $65 initial estimate which is used towards the fee, once a contract is agreed upon

    Based in Ontario with Montreal office

3) Chaine d'extermination


    Price to be determined between resident and company

    Based in Montreal


4) Fondation de la faune du Quebec


This organization sets up a trap at the location where there is a problem. All creatures of this sort must be captured alive, they may not be killed/


New Update:Quebec gives the green light for by-elections to take place but they start from scratch

There is an important update to the information below. Not only will the date of October 4 for by-elections likely be changed, but it appears that anyone who were registered as candidates already must start over from scratch. Moreover,  anyone can submit their candidacy.

In Côte Saint-Luc, that means our by-election for District 8,  Adam Dahan and Leslie Perez are must resubmit their papers and possibly expect more opponents. The seat became vacant following the passing of Ruth Kovac last year. Councillor David Tordjman and I have been filling in for that district on an interim basis.

I must ask, is this really fair? These two candidates spent money on brochures,  websites and posters. They started door to door. Now they are being told start again and by the way, others can oppose you?

Further information should be announced soon, but the CAQ government has this all wrong. I really feel for the candidates in St. Léonard, who already had their advance poll.

The Minister of the Ministère des Affaires municipales et de l'Habitation, Ms. Andrée Laforest, announced last week the resumption of municipal by-elections. At the time she gave the date as of October 4 and said the 45-day election period could therefore begin on August 21, 2020.

The Minister of the Ministère des Affaires municipales et de l'Habitation, Ms. Andrée Laforest, announced last week the resumption of municipal by-elections. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all municipal by-elections in progress or scheduled were suspended, in accordance with the directives issued by public health authorities. On March 13, more than 40 municipalities in Québec had to interrupt their election proceedings because of the public health emergency. Many other positions have become vacant since that date.

Any municipality with one or more vacancies must notify its regional branch of the Ministère des Affaires municipales et de l'Habitation.

Leslie Perez

Sanitary measures to be observed

The Québec government's health and distancing directives must be respected during any by-election.   That will mean no door to door campaigning. Dahan and Perez had already started their campaigns, complete with posters on different poles.

 Reprise des élections partielles

La ministre des Affaires municipales et de l'Habitation, Mme Andrée Laforest, a annoncé la reprise des élections partielles municipales dès le 4 octobre prochain. La période électorale, d'une durée de 45 jours, pourrait donc commencer à partir du 21 août 2020.


Adam Dahan

Rappelons que, dans le contexte de la pandémie de COVID-19, toutes les élections partielles municipales en cours ou à venir avaient été suspendues, conformément aux directives émises par la santé publique. Le 13 mars dernier, plus d'une quarantaine de municipalités du Québec ont dû interrompre leurs procédures électorales en raison de l'état d'urgence sanitaire. De nombreux autres postes sont devenus vacants depuis cette date.

Toute municipalité comptant un ou plusieurs postes vacants doit en aviser sa direction régionale du ministère des Affaires municipales et de l'Habitation.

Mesures sanitaires à respecter

Les consignes sanitaires et de distanciation du gouvernement du Québec devront être respectées lors de toute élection partielle.

Les rôles et les responsabilités relatives aux élections municipales

L'application générale de la Loi sur les élections et les référendums dans les municipalités, qui encadre les élections municipales, relève de la ministre des Affaires municipales et de l'Habitation. C’est pourquoi la décision de suspendre ou de tenir ces élections relève de la ministre et de son équipe.

L'organisation et la tenue des élections municipales sont sous la responsabilité de la présidente ou du président d'élection de chaque municipalité. Le rôle d'Élections Québec est de former et de soutenir les présidentes et les présidents d'élection dans l'exécution de ce mandat.

Élections Québec assure aussi le contrôle du financement politique et des dépenses électorales.




A welcomed addition to District 2: Le Montefiore starts to fill up

It was more than five years ago when the Manoir Montefiore seniors residence on Mackle Road near Cavendish shut its doors. It sat empty for a while until Jadco Real Estate, the company behind the Equinoxe towers on Marc Chagall Avenue, purchased the property and completely gutted the interior to introduce a luxury rental apartment building nicely redubbed as Le Montefiore.


The lobby.


With the arrival of the second Equinoxe in November and Le Montefiore, I now welcome new District 2 constituents in three buildings since  the last election.

Oren Elbaz

Rising nine stories and consisting of 94 residences, unit sizes  at   Le Montefiore range from 440 square foot studios to 1600 square foot penthouses.  Oren Elbaz, the manager of the Equinoxe handles similar duties here. In order to accommodate  the additional cars, a second indoor parking lot was constructed where the Manoir Montefiore dining hall used to sit.

Residents began moving in towards the end of June. It is now 60 percent occupied. A leasing manager is  available each day to showcase  units, which come with brand new appliances. Someone I  know who just signed a lease was sold  on the idea when she saw there was a washer and dryer in each unit. There is an outdoor terrasse, which will soon have barbeques and a reception room  for private events on the main floor. Pets are welcomed.

For more information go to or call  514-547-1234.

A look at the interior.



The view from a penthouse balcony.


Work resumes at Ashkelon Gardens

It has been two years now since important work began in the Ashkelon Gardens behind the library with the necessary felling of trees.

Hundreds of trees there were infested with the Ash Borer and the Dutch Elm disease. These trees were dangerous for people who were walking in the area (from the possibility of falling branches or trees) and  even constituted a fire hazard. The city requested our  expert contractor, Nadeau Foresterie Urbaine, to prepare an inventory of the affected trees. In total,  some 300 trees were cut we cleared approximately 21,000 buckthorn plants and bushes, a species that interferes with healthy tree growth. We intend to plant up to 600 new trees.

IMG_8551 (1)

This week work proceeded on cutting all of the vines from the rented fence that has been surrounding and protecting people from the work area. Once this is completed our Public Works Department will then contact the fence contractor to remove it. We are  preparing signage   that explains one must enter at their own risk since there are many stumps that people can trip on if they aren't careful. 

IMG_8552Next week the last of three poison ivy treatments will be administered.  A couple of weeks after this application, workers will begin to remove the balance of the buckthorn and then finally plant the remainder of the trees we originally planned to compensate for what we lost.. The work will be completed in its entirety during the early fall.   

CLSC Test Centre deserves a thumbs up; appointment only system to be instituted August 10

I usually go for my blood tests a few times a year at the CLSC René Cassin at Quartier Cavendish. In the past year they extended their hours from 7:30 am to 9:30 am, to 11:30 am, and added the two weekend days. It could not  have been better. Then COVID-19 hit and people like me avoided locations like this and put blood tests on hold.à

In full protective gear as I head to the test center.


The  fact that my last set of tests were some eight months ago concerned  me, so today I went back with my requisitions.   I was told that some people were arriving as early as 6 am to get a good timeslot, many of whom not properly social distancing. That was not a route I  chose. I turned up at 7:30 am by which time the herd of masked men and women were told to leave the inside of the building and form a line outdoors. I waited until the line disappeared and the security guard handed me a piece of paper with a number and a 9:30 am appointment time.


Is this lineup for a rock concert or blood tests?


I  returned  at  that  time, was told to go inside and the process from  there went fairly quickly. Only one person having blood drawn at a time. But with a second wave coming, the CIUSS West  Central  Montreal has just announced a new appointment only procedure. This will ensure that they can allow enough space for distancing by having as few people as possible in the waiting rooms. Walk-in visits will no longer be permitted.

 As of August 10, anyone who wants to make an appointment at one of  the CLSC test centres to have blood drawn or other samples tested must go to CLICSANTE.CA. Then they should choose “Blood test and specimens” and enter their postal code. Clic Santé will propose an appointment, which may not be for the same day. Since some people may find it difficult to gain access to this website, and in order to ensure a smooth transition, the CLSCs can also be phoned to book an appointment.

A statement  I received says: “We understand that getting used to this change may take some time. However, given our new reality, it is important for us to implement this new system now, so that we can provide the best possible protection for our users, staff and visitors. Users can call the CLSC if they have any questions about the new appointment system.”

Bravo for a wise decision.

Here are the  Test Centre locations

CLSC René Cassin

5800 Cavendish Boulevard

Montreal, Quebec H4W 2T5



CLSC Benny Farm

6484 Monkland Avenue

Montreal, Quebec H4B 1H3



CLSC Parc-Extension

7085 Hutchison Street

Montreal, Quebec H3N 1Y9


CLSC Metro

1801 de Maisonneuve Boulevard West

Montreal, Quebec H3H 1J9


High School student Elan Vigderhous launches COVID-19 themed care package business

During this pandemic, it has been heartening to see different young  people step up,

Take Elan Vigderhous for instance. The soon-to-be 15 year old Côte Saint-Luc resident  has started a home-based business called “Care Packages,” which is composed of a week's worth of COVID supplies (mask, gloves, and hand sanitizer). For every purchase, $3 goes to Hope and Cope, which has been providing compassionate, supportive, evidence-based cancer care for over three decades.  He chose that charity because his grandfather, noted musician Gideon  Vigderhous,  is now hospitalized due to an invasive cancer. 

“A while back when quarantine started and school was suspended, my father started to teach me about business and we decided to put the lessons into practice,” said Elan, a Grade 10 student at Royal Vale School in NDG. “ I decided to start a business that not only would be helpful to the clients, but I wanted to make sure I could help a charity close to home too. I liked the idea of making gift boxes that could be sent to a family member or friend, as a gift. I decided that the box should include the essentials: masks, gloves and hand sanitizer. I also added a little candy, to make it a little  sweeter.”

Elan is putting his free time to good use.


Originally Elan was going to raise money for COVID-19 relief,  but  given the fact his grandfather got diagnosed with melanoma a few years ago and recently he had to go to the hospital, he opted for  Hope and Cope.

Since launching a website  at, orders have started to roll in. “I enjoy running my first business, and I go to work every day working on sales, marketing, packaging and delivery,” said Elan.

See this report from Global TV.


Updated:Beware of mouse and rat poisoning in our parks and nearby

I wish to make pet owners aware that rat and mouse poisoning pellets  have  been found at and near  Rembrandt Park in recent days.  Dogs  often consume  things on the ground that look like food when you take them for a walk. Owners must watch them carefully.  Then there are outdoor cats. They have  nobody looking out for them.

One of my neighbours saw a torn package of green  pellets  on the ground and threw them in the garbage.  He also found a wrapper on the ground clearly labelled  as Wilsarin: Rat and Mouse Bait.

The packaging left on the ground.

Public Security officers from Côte Saint-Luc are investigating and we have reported  this to police.

Sadly, we  have had previous cases of people who clearly hate animals of doing such a horrible thing. Please  be mindful of this situation and let me know of any suspicious activity. This also can be occurring in other parts of Côte Saint-Luc.

A family member was walking her dog near Mackle Road and Marc Chagall last month. The pooch ingested something, fell very ill the next day and had to be rushed to the vet. He almost died. It cost her $5,000 to regain his health.


This is where the pellets were discovered.


On Saturday, July 25, Public Security officers found six  new packs of the  poisoning.  They have yellow taped the areal.  A member of our Dog Owners Committee also found some fresh pellets  in the grass. They are well into the ground and difficult for our Public Works cleanup team to even pick up. We are upping the urgency of this situation to the  police as  there is clearly someone out there who wants to harm animals. I repeat  the importance of reporting to us  any suspicious behavior. It is almost as if this person wants us to know what he or she is doing. Why else are they leaving their wrappers  on the ground?

The newly taped off area.



Isadore Goldberg Park gets marked improvements

I was so delighted last fall when Public Works Director Beatrice Newman and Foreman for Horticulture, Public Spaces & Parks Joane  Warren invited  me for a walk through Isadore Goldberg Park.

For  years Ms. Newman and I have been brainstorming on  ways to make this park more accessible. We had talked about moving the park to the vacant green space on Marc Chagall Avenue, which has been used as a parking lot for the workers at the Equinoxe construction project. Thank goodness work will end  there in November and the land must be returned to its original form.

To Ms. Newman's credit, she thought outside of the box. Why build a brand new park when we could improve the existing one? 

The freshened up Goldberg Park.

 So last fall all the dead bushes at Isadore Goldberg were removed and a road was created from Marc Chagall leading to the park. It is gravel right now, but we hope  to pave it with cement down the line. I am glad I was able to tell  former Councillor Goldberg myself of our  plans for the park in his  name. He was really excited. Our  goal was to rededicate the park in the spring and even move  the sign, which currently sits on Kildare Road. Sadly, Isadore  passed away last winter and then COVID-19 hit.

The gravel road provides easy access to the park.

 This summer  the Public Works team removed  all the old equipment, urban furniture and dirty sand.. Fresh sand, new equipment and some tables have been installed. The gravel road is a wonderful addition to the park. Public Works and Public Security vehicles can now properly access the park and so can residents of Marc  Chagall.

"I am so thrilled to finally pay the much-needed attention to this area," said Ms. Newman. "I'm excited for the kids in the area and now we can enter to do what we all need to do."
Still to come are a change of lights, the installation of benches and tables,the trimming of  the trees, the removal of one tree  and finally the gardens will be revamped.
Thanks to Ms. Newman, Ms. Warren, Thierry Dhaisne and the rest of their team who put in such hard work.    

Portable pools: be aware of the dangers

With more portable pools in use this summer in backyards across the country, the City of Côte Saint-Luc wants the public to be aware of the dangers of drownings and take action to minimize the risk.

“Portable pools are a low-cost and easy-to-set-up alternative to in-ground pools, however many parents may underestimate the potential risks,” Mayor Mitchell Brownstein said. “By taking a few precautions, parents and caregivers can help children remain safe.

Portable poolsPortable pools include wading pools, inflatable pools and soft-sided, self-rising pools. They are sometimes referred to as kiddie pools. The following actions can minimize the drowning risk associated with portable swimming pools:

  • Only allow children to be in the pool area when an adult is present to supervise.

  • Empty portable pools immediately after use.

  • Place the pool inside a fenced-in area of the yard. 

  • Use door locks and alarms to prevent children from going from the house into the pool area without an adult.

Quebec pool safety laws state if the pool water is 60 cm (2 feet) or more in depth, fencing is required. The City of Côte Saint-Luc only gives permits for permanent pools, but recommends people keep portable pools covered or fenced when not in use.

In addition to drowning risks from portable swimming pools, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns of the spread of recreational water illnesses, or RWIs, which can spread by swallowing or having contact with contaminated recreational water. These illnesses are caused by germs such as Cryptosporidium, E. coli O157:H7, and Shigella. The CDC recommends that you drain or empty the pool, then clean the pool and allow it to dry. Once the pool is completely dry, leave it in the sun for at least four hours. Medium and larger-sized inflatable and plastic pools that cannot be emptied daily should have filters and appropriate disinfection systems that meet the same codes and requirements as full-sized swimming pools.

Further reading:


Ball Hockey lover finds a way to give youngsters a mini-summer camp experience

I first met David Brook about a decade ago when I started going to his dad Avi’s wonderful butcher shop on Westminster Avenue in Côte Saint-Luc. A smart young man, he had a love for sports and the law.

David recently graduated from law school, so it is reasonable to suggest that one day he might become one terrific player agent. I will have to introduce him to Allan Walsh, a man who grew up in Chomedey and CSL and is now one of the best agents in the business. Jonathan Drouin of the Habs is one of his clients.


So what does a guy like David want to do with his summer? Exend his passion for ball hockey to kids who are itching to be active with all COVID-19 safety standards in place. Welcome to Brook’s Ball Hockey Boot Camp for children between the ages five to 11. They will be separated into two divisions based on age. The Tuesday session (3:30 pm to 5 pm) will be for children between the ages five to seven and the Thursday session ( 3:30 pm to 5 pm) is intended for children between the ages eight to 11. It begins on Tuesday July 7 and concludes on August 27.

“I have been playing competitive ball hockey for more than eight years, and I consider it my favourite hobby,” David says. “Over the years, I have noticed that not only do I and my teammates adore the game, but my nephews have come to adore it as well. Often they attend my games early enough so they can shoot around, and my nephew Mason even had his most recent birthday party at our local ball hockey rink Le Rinque, located off Decarie, near the Orange Julep.

Le Rinque only recently reopened, making it essentially the only indoor sport complex accessible during this pandemic. “COVID-19 has cost many children a summer of sport and fun and this program’s mission is to provide the children with a fun, engaging and safe environment to improve their ball hockey skills and connect/ re-connect with new and old friends.,” said David.

You can reach David to register at or at  514-770-6532.

CSL mask bylaw to come into force on July 1/ La ville commencera à appliquer le règlement 2557

Here is a message from Mayor Mitchell Brownstein which is being transmitted via telephone today about our new mask bylaw.
Let me just first say that I appreciate the people who are wearing masks in buildings and commercial establishments. What concerns me is the number of individuals I see not wearing masks properly: exposing their nose, touching it with their hands, not washing the reusable version. If you are going to wear it, please follow the correct guidelines. This video will help.
This is Mayor Mitchell Brownstein with an update on COVID-19. Starting July 1, the city will begin enforcing bylaw 2557, which makes face coverings mandatory in our municipal buildings and at commercial establishments, like the supermarket, hair salon or pharmacy. When you go shopping, you must wear a face covering that covers your mouth and nose. In addition, condos and apartments are required to install hand sanitizer dispensers and put up city signage recommending the wearing of masks in their common areas.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve distributed thousands of disposable and reusable masks to residents. If you need more, our local pharmacies have them in stock. You can also make one with an old t-shirt and elastic bands. Link to the instructions are at

Every week, we announce updates to our reopening plan. For instance, the Parkhaven Pool reopened last week and admission is free for Côte Saint-Luc residents. Our full reopening schedule is posted at

As you know, restaurants, fitness centres, and malls are reopening across Quebec. These decision are all provincial ones, and although it feels good to return to a sense of normalcy, we’re not out of the woods, yet. With more contact between people, it is inevitable that the number of COVID-19 cases will rise at a rate higher than today. We need to all do part to keep the number of new cases under control. Wash your hands, keep your distance, and wear a face covering.

Finally, I hope you all enjoyed the Quebec National Holiday on Wednesday. And I hope you join us for our virtual Canada Day celebrations on July 1. Visit to learn more.

Thank you for taking my call today. I wish you and your family a safe and healthy summer.
I never leave home without my mask.

Ici le maire Mitchell Brownstein avec une mise à jour sur la COVID-19. À partir du 1er juillet, la ville commencera à appliquer le règlement 2557, qui rend obligatoire le port du couvre-visage dans les bâtiments municipaux et dans les établissements commerciaux, comme les supermarchés, les salons de coiffure et les pharmacies. Lorsque vous faites des achats, vous devez porter un couvre-visage qui couvre votre bouche et votre nez. Aussi, les immeubles d’appartements et les copropriétés doivent installer des distributeurs de désinfectant pour les mains et installer des affiches recommandant le port d'un couvre-visage dans les aires communes.

Au cours des dernières semaines, nous avons distribué des milliers de masques jetables et réutilisables aux résidants. S’il vous en faut davantage, vous pouvez vous en procurer dans nos pharmacies locales. Vous pouvez également en fabriquer avec un vieux t-shirt et des élastiques, vous trouverez sur un lien vers des instructions.

Chaque semaine, nous annonçons les mises à jour de notre plan de réouverture. Par exemple, la piscine Parkhaven a rouvert la semaine dernière et l'entrée est gratuite pour les résidants de Côte Saint-Luc. Notre calendrier complet de réouverture est publié sur

Comme vous le savez, des restaurants, des centres de conditionnement physique et des centres commerciaux rouvrent leurs portes partout au Québec. Ce sont des décisions provinciales et, bien qu'il soit bon de retrouver un sentiment de retour à la normale, le virus n’est pas derrière nous. Avec plus de contacts entre personnes, il est inévitable que le nombre de cas de COVID-19 augmente à un rythme plus élevé qu'aujourd'hui. Nous devons tous faire notre part pour garder le nombre de nouveaux cas sous contrôle. Lavez-vous les mains, gardez vos distances et portez un couvre-visage.

Enfin, j'espère que vous avez passé une belle Fête nationale du Québec mercredi dernier. Et j'espère aussi que vous serez des nôtres pour les célébrations virtuelles de la Fête du Canada du 1er juillet. Consultez pour en savoir plus.

Merci d'avoir pris mon appel aujourd'hui. Je vous souhaite, à vous et à votre famille, un bel été en santé et toute sécurité.

It is time for Quebec to allow our by-election and others to proceed

With the Quebec government gradually reopening everything except very large scale events, is not time for the number of by-elections scheduled  into this province to occur?

Côte Saint-Luc had one scheduled for April 5 to fill the vacancy for City Council District 2 after the passing of Ruth Kovac last fall. The two candidates, Leslie Perez and Adam Dahan have had their campaign posters on poles since March.

Of course we fully understand the necessity for social distancing, but if people can line up at the pharmacy, the grocery store, the bank and other places then a polling station can certainly be arranged appropriately. One election official per table. Everyone wears masks. Hand sanitizer when you enter and leave. Nobody uses the same pencil and so on.

Remember these are by-elections, where turnouts are notoriously low.

Adam Dahan

No, candidates cannot do anymore door to door. But over the last few months the new normal has seen people of all ages take to the internet like never before. Few people, regardless of age, are not on zoom. Municipalities like ours can certainly arrange  a live Zoom meet the candidates night and keep it on YouTube. Ads can be placed in The Suburban and on social media.  Mailings can be sent out.

I am walking the route of my entire district several days a week, speaking to many constituents  from a distance. Candidates can indeed do  this.

Leslie Perez

For now, Councillor David Tordjman and i are  sharing the duties for District 8. However, due to the  pandemic the  volume of calls and emails each  councillor must respond to has increased.  District 8 residents deserve their own councillor.

Originally the by-elections were delayed until the end of April and then the end of June. We have heard nothing from the Elections Quebec  in weeks. Do they have a plan in place?   A quick  look at their website shows that there are currently six by-elections on hold. Besides CSL, there is Beauharnois,  Drummondville, Hudson,  Mont-Laurier and Rouyn-Noranda

The Quebec government is currently studying the possibility of introducing internet voting one day. Here are the details.

With COVID-19 cases at a low level these days, the time is now for Elections Quebec to act!

D’Arcy-McGee-National Assembly Citizenship Medals go virtual very successfully

Bravo to D'Arcy McGee Liberal MNA David  Birnbaum and his entire team for doing such a first-class job with their live Zoom-focused awards ceremony.

The winners of the sixth annual D’Arcy-McGee-National Assembly Citizenship Medals competition were to be recognized at a public ceremony. Like everything else due to the COVID-19 pandemic that had to be postponed. But David and company adjusted beautifully to the "new normal" and one might make the argument that this format should be followed in future years. It was wonderful to watch. I started on my phone as I washed the dishes and finished on my laptop. In fact more than 100 people watched it live.

David Lisbona

 Three individuals and one organization were recognized for “outstanding achievement in community involvement”. They were George Nashen, 96, in the name of surviving veterans of World War II and those who passed before them; Sima Paris, co-founder and President of the Friendship Circle; MultiCaf, a store-front community outreach and referral service in Snowdon-Côte-des-Neiges and David Lisbona, Côte St-Luc entrepreneur and initiator of an emergency food-delivery network for seniors during the current pandemic.

Roméo Dallaire

 “This has been an unprecedented and trying time for all us but it has also brought out the very best in so many individuals and organizations in this riding,” said  David, who initiated this citizen-medal program soon after his first election in April 2014. “While the crisis around us is far from over, I think it is always the right time to recognize those who inspire us to do more and do better by our fellow citizens. Even if we can only celebrate this event virtually this year, I do hope it will lift us up at this very tough time. "


George Nashen and his wife Phyllis.

Lt. Gen. Roméo Dallaire (ret’d) delivered a brief address to the Zoom gathering. His own harrowing and heroic experience during the Rwandan genocide, and his outreach efforts since retirement have made him a sought-after public speaker. His Roméo Dallaire Foundation works to inspire young people from underprivileged backgrounds to develop their leadership potential. In appreciation of Mr. Dallaire’s participation, David's office made a donation of $1,000 to the Foundation. It was only appropriate that Dallaire introduced Nashen, an extraordinary gentleman whom I have been proud to know and call a friend for many years.

David was an excellent emcee. Each recipient spoke live via Zoom. It was a flawless production. Bravo!!

You can see the entire program via video on David's Facebook page.

Here’s a big hand for 12 year old cookie entrepreneur Matthew Liebman

Twelve year old Matthew Liebman is one of three sons to Howard Liebman, a longtime political strategist to the likes of Irwin Cotler and Denis Coderre and current government relations director for Air Transat and Willingdon Elementary School  Grade 4 English teacher Heather Leckner. I have known his grandparents, Rick and Gloria Leckner, for most of my life. Rick, of course, was the legendary traffic  reporter on CJAD and for many years an investor relations and PR guru to corporate giants.

Given his lineage, it was not surprising to hear that young Matthew has decided to put his baking skills to good use during these times of confinement. The Côte Saint-Luc resident and District 2 constituent of mine is impressive.

After his full day of remote learning is done as a Grade 6 graduating student at JPPS,  Matthew dons his apron to bake dozens of fresh cookies for his growing client list.

Helping to keep track of orders and behind  the beautiful packaging is mom Heather. Swift local drop off deliveries (free in CSL, Hampstead, NDG and Montreal West) have been entrusted to dad, Howard, to allow the baker to focus on his creations in the kitchen.

Image3 (1)
Matthew Liebman gets down to business.

To start, a simple menu of fresh-baked classic chocolate chip cookies or sugar cookies are being offered, attractively priced at $10 per dozen or $18 for two dozen. Different varieties are in development in the test kitchen. The cookies make an excellent dessert or snack at home or are the ideal gift for others.

Matthew’s Bakery invites clients to get their Father’s Day orders in early!

Image2 (1)
Some of the finished product.

"As we are all in this together, Matthew’s Bakery will generously donate 10 percent of sales to MADA and The Depot,"  mom Heather says of the  organization formerly known as the NDG Food Bank.

You may place orders for these delicious cookies at

Now chocolate chip cookies happen to be my weakness so I was more than happy to take a container home and try. The verdict is already in and everyone at our dinner table gave a big thumbs up to the decadent dessert. I highly recommend this purchase!

Image0 (1)


Work proceeds on the snow dump

Work is well underway  to  break down the accumulated snow and ice at the snow dump.

During this period, residents have been hearing the sounds from  heavy equipment, including two mechanical shovels and one bulldozer.

Their work is essentially complete. Now we  must wait a few weeks for the newly exposed snow and ice to melt. We will then return for another break down session.

Chopping up the thick snow.


People step for our used air conditioner and fan campaign

A few weeks ago, Ariel Davidson and I put out a call for people to donate used air conditioners and fans to low income families  and individuals in Côte Saint-Luc.

AdlerSteve Almar
Steven Adler

First of all thanks to our invaluable jack of all  trades Morris “Moe” Giobbi from Parks and Recreation who took care of  the first set of pickup and deliveries on June 8.

Daniel Gal

Hats off to our initial donors: Steven Adler from Almar Appliances provided two 10,000 BTU units and Daniel Gal had a 12,000 BTU portable unit.

Laura Elfman and Moe.

Moe picked up the machines, placed them in his truck and delivered them to three very happy individuals. One was District 2 resident Laura Elfman. Previously I donated one of my own old ACs to a family on Sir Walter Scott Avenue. They immediately told me how much they appreciated this.

Moe and Chris Agholar

We are probably in for a warm summer, so any more donations would be appreciated. I have two more set for next week.

Just email me at

Recipient Adama Inteh.



More news on reopening of playgrounds and other facilities

Please find below a brief update on the reopening of our parks and playgrounds. / Veuillez trouver ci-dessous une brève mise à jour sur la réouverture de nos parcs et terrains de jeux.
  1. fences / clotures started to remove all fences from playgrounds in the City on Friday, June 5 / nous avons commencé à retirer toutes les clôtures des terrains de jeux de la ville le vendredi 5 juin 
  2. signs / enseignes: started to install signs with safety instructions in parks on Friday, June 5 / a commencé à installer des panneaux avec des instructions de sécurité dans les parcs le vendredi 5 juin   
  3. drinking fountains / arbrevoires : will remain closed for this summer for now / les arbrevoires resteront fermées pour l'instant cet été
  4. dispensers /distributeurs : we will install stainless steel disinfectant dispensers in parks that have bathrooms / nous allons installer des distributeurs de désinfectant (en acier inoxydable) dans les parcs qui ont des toilettes
  5. washrooms / toilettes: in parks will be open by June 9 / toutes les toilettes dans les parcs seront ouvertes d'ici le 9 juin
  6. washrooms /  toilettes  : open hours 9am - 5pm / heures d'ouverture des toilettes 9h - 17h
  7. washrooms /  toilettes  : Monday - Thursday  opened by Public Works and closed by Public Safety / du lundi au jeudi, ouvertes par les Travaux publics et fermées par la Sécurité publique
  8. washrooms / toilettes   : Friday - Sunday opened and closed by Public Works /: vendredi - dimanche ouvert et fermé par les Travaux publics
  9. wash rooms /  toilettes  : cleaned 3 times each day; 8am, 10:30am, 2:pm / les toilettes sont nettoyées 3 fois par jour ; 8h00, 10h30, 14h00
  10. splashpads / jeu d'eau: open / ouvert
  11. skatepark: open / ouvert
  12. basketball: will open during the week of June 8 / basket-ball : sera ouvert pendant la semaine du 8 juin
  13. swings / balancoires:will be installed during the week of June 8 / des balançoires seront installés pendant la semaine du 8 juin
Thanks once again to our Public Works Department!


Strict measures must be implemented for public and private pools to reopen

Now that the Quebec government has permitted public pools to reopen, it is important to note that a great many safety standards must be met.

Our Mayor has already announced that Parkhaven Pool will reopen with many new rules.  As for those pools in condos and apartment buildings, it is by no means a slam dunk. Many have already indicated to me  they do not wish to take the risk of a COVID-19 spread. Others simply do not feel they can properly comply with the measures necessary.

I have personally gone on record that pools should not reopen this summer. It is not the water I am concerned about; rather the ability for people (especially kids) to social distance in the water; common touching of railings and chairs; the use of bathrooms; and more.

As for pools in condos and apartments, I am still seeking clarification as to whether they are included in Premier Legault's reference to "privately owned pools" in this article.

There will have to be fewer people in the pool under new guidelines.


The Institut National de la Santé Publique du Québec (“INSPQ”) has published a document for condominium associations and apartment building owners to prepare for the eventual reopening of their swimming pools. These preventive measures must be implemented before owners and tenants can use the pools in order to respect the government measures on physical distancing and hand hygiene. The preventive measures notably include:

  • Measures should be put in place in order to respect physical distancing of at least two (2) meters at all times, inside or outside the pools, such as:
  • Limiting the number of pool users at one time;
  • Distributing tickets to users for a specific period of time to use the pool;
  • Have a guard at the entrance of the pool at all times during opening hours to control the number of users who enter;
  • Ensure that all chairs are placed at a minimal distance of two (2) meters;
  • Installation of marks of the ground in strategic areas to enforce physical distancing measures;
  • Promote hand washing inside the facility, such as installing hand sanitizer dispensers or hand washing stations inside and outside the entrance of the pools;
  • Ensure users shower with soap for at least one minute before entering the pool;
  • Prevent access for users who have contracted the COVID-19 virus or show symptoms of the virus;
  • Ensure proper ventilation for indoor pools in order to control the concentration of contaminants in the air and therefore, update ventilation systems as per industry standards, if necessary;
  • Close all areas where physical distancing of two (2) meters is not possible or where there is poor ventilation by establishing physical barriers such barricades or tape;
  • Locker rooms should only be used to go to the toilet and allow for only a limited number of people to use the locker rooms at the same time;
  • Distribute a triage questionnaire to all pool users to detect COVID-19 related symptoms and explain to users the risks of using the pool;
  • Have a guard at the entrance of the pool at all times during opening hours to remind users of these measures;
  • Installation of signage indicating these measures;
  • The usual measures to ensure the quality of the water must be rigorously applied as per the Regulation respecting water quality in swimming pools and other artificial pools; and
  • The usual measures for cleaning and disinfecting must be rigorously applied for all surfaces including but not limited to locker rooms, showers, washrooms, water fountains, doorknobs, pool ladders, diving boards, etc. The hiring of additional staff/personnel may be required to ensure proper cleaning.

In order to respect the abovementioned measures, condominium associations and owners of apartment buildings may have to purchase the necessary equipment or incur certain expenses, such as but not limited to:

  • Hand sanitizer dispenser or hand washing stations;
  • Pictograms to be placed on the ground such as arrows and lines;
  • Printing of signage indicating the abovementioned measures;
  • Printing of triage questionnaires and information flyers;
  • Upgrade in ventilation systems; and
  • Hiring of additional staff/personnel to survey and ensure the abovementioned measures are respected;

The City urges condominium associations and owners of apartment buildings to follow these guidelines and asks that serious and responsible personnel be appointed to implement these procedures. If these procedures can’t be realistically met, the shared swimming pools should remain closed.  

Furthermore, please note that a pool operation permit is still required and the present letter will be included in any permit that is issued by the Urban Development department. The following clause will also be added to any permit that is issued:

“The condominium association or owner of the apartment building confirms that he has read the attached letter and will abide by the terms and conditions provided therein.”

Finally, the City will be actively encouraging the DSP to enforce the abovementioned measures through the guide of their top senior bureaucrats.

Should condo and apartment buildings managers have any questions, we ask that they contact the DSP by email or by phone at 514-842-7226. If you do not receive an answer within a reasonable delay you may contact  your city councillor.

A huge thanks to Assistant City Clerk Jason Prevost for  all of his work on this  file!

Review of June 2020 Virtual Town Hall Meeting with Video Link

Since I was first elected over 14 years ago as the city councillor for District 2 in Côte Saint-Luc, I have hosted annual Town Hall meetings.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, all council meetings have moved to the Zoom video platform. We actually convene far more often than ever before.

While I do take daily walkabouts in spring, summer and fall throughout the District and communicate with constituents by phone, email and (in Pre COVID times) in person, Town Halls became a unique opportunity to focus on specifically District issues.

Last fall longtime councillor Ruth Kovac passed away. A by-election was scheduled for April, but postponed due to the pandemic. We have two candidates, but no date when this will occur. So for the time being, Councillor David Tordjman and I are serving those constituents on an interim basis: East of Cavendish for myself; West of Cavendish for David.

On June 3 I organized the first Virtual Town Hall Meeting, with Councillor Tordjman and Mayor Mitchell Brownstein joining me. It was broadcast on YouTube via a link on our website. Here is the link. 

Mayor Brownstein gave an update on the many COVID-19 issues. Councillor Tordjman and I focused on our districts and the one we are sharing. On a personal note I hope that the Quebec government finds a safe way to allow the by-elections to take place. If people can social distance at the grocery store and pharmacy, they can probably do so at a well-organized polling station.

The message from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs is the same as it has been for the past weeks: no public notice of election can be given before June 26, 2020. Both the DGEQ and municipalities have no authority to determine when the by-elections across the province can/will be held. We are told that the government will be looking into the question over the next three weeks and further information will be provided on their website or possibly by way of a decree.

Here is a look at some of the important issues related to District 2

The Equinoxe and Le Montefiore

Carole Doudak, the vice-president of Jadco Development, gave an important update on the status of Le Montefiore and The Equinoxe.

Le Montefiore, of course, is the former Manoir Montefiore seniors residence. Jadco purchased the property over a year ago and poured in a lot of money to transform it into a luxury rental building.  The first five floors are now ready and residents began moving in on June 1. Construction was delayed due to some brickwork. The former first floor dining hall was transformed into a second indoor garage.

Le Montefiore


Ms. Doudak provided some good news on the completion of the phase two of the Equinoxe. After being shut down for a month due to the pandemic, they have made up for lost time and expect to have the project completed by November 1. They anticipate that all of the concrete and windows should be installed within three weeks. Once that occurs, all of the transport trucks and trailers will be gone and work will move exclusively indoors. That makes for far less disturbances and noise.

Ms. Doudak was asked about workmen repeatedly arriving early in the morning, prior to the legal starting time of 7 am and too many of them parking on the street instead of the makeshift parking lot. Ms. Doudak said that there more than 100 workers on the site. They are sub-contractors whom she and her team repeatedly remind not to start before the designated time. With security on site, she promised more vigilance over the next few weeks until quieter work begins.

The Avenue

The apartment building on The Avenue is finally starting to take shape. New owners have proceeded to beautify the property and they should have everything completed by the end of the summer. The city has also given approval for two new residential units to be constructed on the ground floor,   which is also zoned commercial. Somewhere down the line there could be some stores there.


The courts on Rembrandt

Tennis Courts

The Rembrandt Park tennis courts re-opened May 29, with new safety standards. It is being well utilized.  I even saw our Mount Royal Liberal MP Anthony Housefather playing there last weekend.

 Speed Bumps

Public Works reports that they are slowly installing bollards on the bike paths and pedestrian walkways. So far there has not been enough staff to install the necessary speed bumps, but we hope that will occur soon.

The Snow Dump

When will we chop up the thick hill of dirt and snow at the dump on Marc Chagall?  We will be starting on Monday, June 8 until Friday, June 12 from 7 am to 7pm. The equipment used will be two mechanical shovels and one bulldozer. We will then wait a couple of weeks for Mother Nature to help us melt the exposed snow and then return for another session. 


On my walks I am taking note of any potholes I see and reporting them to Public Works.

Street Cleaning

With a smaller staff and many new COVID-19 related responsibilities, Public Works has not been able to complete as thorough a job on street cleaning it wishes. Some streets in my district that have not received the attention necessary have now been placed on a new priority list.

Parks and Playgrounds  

All playgrounds have been fenced in to prevent children from playing on the equipment. The outdoor exercise equipment was taped up. They are now being reopened with extreme caution and the same goes for the basketball courts. The water was turned on for the splash pads at Rembrandt Park to deal with the recent extreme heat.

The Excelsior  (Ilan Ramon)

Residents of both the Cavendish Blvd. building and Ilan Ramon Crescent complained last week of very loud noises emanating from the ventilation system. Our Urban Development Department intervened and ensured that they fix the problem.

 Isadore Goldberg Park

I was hoping for us to have a rededication ceremony for Isadore Goldberg Park this spring. Regrettably, the late Councillor Goldberg passed away last winter and then COVID-19 hit us. Last fall our Public Works Department began removing all of the bushes near the park and created a pathway from Marc Chagall Avenue. The plan was to move the sign and pave the path. While that has been placed on hold, workers returned to the site this week to begin a fresh cleanup. I hope concerns over a long burnt out light reported to me by my Sir Walter Scott Avenue lieutenant Alexander will be attended to.

Local resident pitches mobile parades for this summer

CSL resident Ariel Cozo and his colleague James Karls  want to bring entertainment back to the city during these COVID--19 days.  For starters, how about a mobile  Canada Day celebration?

This is the most effective way of bringing the party to the people while respecting all COVID-19 considerations, they maintain. People need entertainment joy now post-confinement "and  we have all the talent and equipment to provide it," the duo maintain.

Ariel Cozo


Here is  their game  plan

THE PROJECT: Parade-style entertainment in the streets. They  want to create mobile musical trucks/floats/flatbeds filled equipped with sound/AV, DJ, Animator, Musician(s) & specialty acts - all in accordance with health measures. Each truck will follow an electronic billboard vehicle filled with ads from one or multiple corporate sponsors.

WHERE: One truck per sector on a pre-set route, throughout the streets of Montreal in different municipalities. They will  discuss and select the best streets for the highest visual and feeling impact to uplift residents.

BACKGROUND: We've been entertaining our city & worldwide destinations for over 25 years. We host/MC/DJ/Entertainint in multiple languages & cater musically to most nationalities. And we supply all forms of entertainment options to enhance the overall interaction, sound & light production. Their  outdoor experience includes float performances and/or productions at the Saint-Patrick's Day Parade, Caribana Festival, Israel Independence Day Rallies, Community Street Events and much more from 1,000 to 100, 000 participants.

WHAT THEY NEED:  Funding to support costs related to renting parade vehicles, renting digital banner vehicles, find corporate sponsors to appear on printed traditional vinyl banners and selling ad space on the electronic billboard vehicles.  Municipal and related police authorization/support in order  to ensure all runs smoothly.

For more information go to


A call for air conditioners and fans for those who need them

With the first heatwave of the summer season upon us, many low income families in Côte Saint-Luc are left without any window air conditioners or fans to cool them off. With malls, movie theatres, libraries and restaurants closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, these usual spots of refuge are  unavailable.

Justin and Julian enjoy my old air conditioner in their Sir Walter Scott Street apartment.


A few days ago I communicated with Ariel Davidson, who has been reaching out to those members of the community in need. I had an old air conditioner in my garage that I did not need and I glad donated it to a family on Sir Walter Scott Avenue. They parked it in their window and report it is in good working condition. Certainly there must be others within our midst who can assist.

If so please email me at

I am reaching out to some community organizations to see if they can assist.